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Qs / Vols. 20 - 21 / September 29 - October 5

The top 15 out of a 27-quip week. (Sorry for the lateness)

A = Authors | C = Community

C / No. 3 / Neil / Authentically inauthentic.

A / No. 76 / Armin / Tell the world how much proportions matter to you with this I Feel Golden” t-shirt. [Via Tcritic]

A / No. 77 / Armin / Christopher Doyle™ Identity Guidelines 2008. Hilarious.

A / No. 11 / Armin / “ITC Garamond = I am the wrong choice” and other admissions about popular typefaces. [Via Veer]

A / No. 75 / Armin / Visualizing the cross-references found in the Bible. Wow. [Via Sub-Studio]

C / No. 4 / Kate Allen / Vintage Poison Bottle Labels.

C / No. 1 / Michael Bouchard / Amazing photographic process with a very large camera.

A / No. 73 / Armin / Every designer could be better at taming vector points in Illustrator, here are some tips. [Via I Love Typography

A / No. 2 / Armin / What will happen to the approximately 3,500 pieces of art from Lehman Brothers’ offices around the world? Maybe placed as banners in lampposts in Wall Street?

A / No. 3 / Joe Marianek / Sorry I’m late. I accidentally switched my alarm clock setting to Zapf Chancery. The Office Season Five kicks off with a typography joke in Pam’s “Expressive Typography in New Media” course at Pratt. Let’s hope Mr. Zapf gets it.

A / No. 9 / Armin / Washington Mutual had a good thing going with their colorful and typographically nice identity and print ads… until JP Morgan stepped in. [Via Gawker]

A / No. 4 / Armin / Not quite clear how to define the work of this designer, but lots of pretty three-dimensional works with paper and other fine displays of typography. [Via Design You Trust]

C / No. 51 / Johno / Flickr-inspired typographic inspiration.

A / No. 8 / Armin / The English language sure lacks special characters as this poster attests. [Via I Love Typography]

C / No. 52 / Rob Mientjes / Remember number 51? With the nifty rare Penguins? There are quite a lot more vertical Penguin grids in an obsessive Flickr set. Use with caution. You might spend all day looking at them.


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