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Qs / Vol. 22 / October 13 - October 19

The top 15 out of a 34-quip week.

A = Authors | C = Community

A / No. 51 / Armin / Try not to kill too much time on this and test your ability to line-up and find centers of objects: The eyeballing game. [Via Kottke]

A / No. 37 / Armin / A typeface Carrie Bradshaw would be happy to wear: Highheel-inspired!

A / No. 34 / Armin / The fabulous Rene Wanner has put together more than eighty parody posters of Shepard Fairey’s original Obama “Hope” poster. [Via Design Observer]

A / No. 48 / Armin / An appreciation of movie posters by a designer who would like to do some of them.

A / No. 35 / Armin / Quick visual analogies for the presidential candidates and their veeps: round-up one, round-up two. [Via BuzzFeed]

C / No. 28 / Chad K / I think if this alphabet was completed (“E”, “V”, “A”) and turned into a font its only appropriate that it be called “Ambitious Sans.”

C / No. 30 / Ricardo Cordoba / No. 20 (from last week’s best) redux… A symbolic sign of the times: Commerce Bank. [Via Gothamist]

A / No. 49 / Armin / A handsome logo animation for French production company Studio 37. [Via Idents.tv]

A / No. 44 / Armin / Meet Max Kerning. [Via I Love Typography]

C / No. 33 / Millie Rossman Kidd / great collection of design “best practices” from Rule29. Following them on twitter.

C / No. 31 / Chad K / Gigantic collection of old posters.

A / No. 50 / Armin / Full-fledged and cootie-filled print ad campaign for the new Electronic Arts video game, Spore, by W+K.

A / No. 38 / Joe Marianek / Virginia Postrel calls out Milton Glaser’s Indignation.

A / No. 47 / Armin / Way better than ITC Garamond, here is Garamond Powerline by Daniel Adolph. [Via Design You Trust]

A / No. 46 / Armin / And further clicking on No. 45 takes us to Graphic Design from the 1920s and 1930s in Travel Ephemera.


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