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Word It for November

Gone is the warmth
Of the sun

Gone is the sweetness
Of sleeping in
Gone is the pleasure
Of outdoor dining
Gone is the voice
Of one we love
Gone is the order
Of a childless home
Gone is the space
Of the new bookcase
Gone is the silence
Of an empty home
Gone is the green
From the backyard tree
Gone is the touch
Of a beloved pet
Gone is the light
Of an ended day
Gone is the ballot
Of hopeful change
Gone is the dream
Of things past

Gone is the Word It for November.

With that said, please read the specifications for submittal, where we tell you what kind of file we need, the size requirements*, naming conventions and how to provide us with your desired linkage**.

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PUBLISHED ON Oct.31.2008 BY bryony
Kevin M. Scarbrough’s comment is:

>>Gone is the warmth
>>Of the sun

First winter in Chicago.
First winter, furthermore, in the North.
Very much looking forward to this one.

On Oct.31.2008 at 10:32 AM
Bryony’s comment is:

Unfortunately I was unable to upload 20+ images this morning due to their being the wrong size. If your submission is missing, check your file and resend it for next week.

Thanks to all.

On Nov.12.2008 at 09:44 AM