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Qs / Vol. 23 / November 10 - November 16

The top 15 out of a 33-quip week.

A = Authors | C = Community

C / No. 26 / David McCanless / In regards to No. 21 [below], I believe the “confusion” has turned to disgust.

A / No. 35 / Armin / Quarter Pounder. Period. [Via Brandflakesforbreakfast]

C / No. 17 / Desmond / Pepsi re-brand backlash and thoughtful analysis from a pro designer. He gives 5 reasons why the new Pepsi Logo is terrible.

A / No. 30 / Armin / A vote that matters the most now: Is Graphic Design Art?

C / No. 20 / Niki Brown / interesting roundup of wine bottle design.

A / No. 27 / Armin / All the logo revisions by Build for Gary Hustwit’s upcoming Objectified documentary. And other great stuff at their new blog.

A / No. 26 / Armin / Drawings and markings people make on dollar bills. [Via Dark Roasted Blend]

C / No. 21 / Kevin W / The results of FutureBrand’s student competition “Brand America” are up now and so far students are “confused” by the results…

C / No. 18 / Simon / The first pair of gloves to be designed specifically for touchscreen devices like the iPhone and iPod Touch?

C / No. 24 / Melissa / Enough with the Pantone Kitsch Already!!!

A / No. 31 / Armin / Photos from House Industries opening night for “Letters & Ligatures” at Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Gallery in L.A. I was very curious what a type show at a gallery would look like.

C / No. 22 / Angela / DNA gets a new visual language.

A / No. 34 / Armin / Simply, wow: The winning entry for a contest to design a 5 euro commemorative coin with the theme “Netherlands and Architecture.”

A / No. 37 / Armin / The typographic stylings of Seb Lester. [Via I Love Typography]

A / No. 28 / Armin / Early Star Wars storyboards. [Via Drawn]


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PUBLISHED ON Nov.17.2008 BY Armin
John Keese’s comment is:

Seeing as how more information wasn't posted for the Brand America winning entries, I wanted to let you guys know I have posted everything behind my 2nd place entry.


On Nov.18.2008 at 09:40 AM
Mark ’s comment is:

Is Graphic Design Art?

well, im not happy with the parcial results!
I can not see 21st century as art, although you must be an artist on brazilian business.

On Nov.21.2008 at 06:30 AM