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Qs / Vol. 24 / December 1 - December 7

The top 15 out of a 44-quip week.

A = Authors | C = Community

A / No. 10 / Armin / Five new posters for the new depression inspired by the old depression. Yay, I guess. [Via Design Observer]

A / No. 16 / Armin / The always excellent 77 Design Gifts Under $77 from Core77 is now available.

A / No. 13 / Armin / Typo/graphic posters, “a directory of typographic and graphic posters.” Nice curatorial idea. [Via Thinking for a Living]

A / No. 2 / Armin / Wow: A message that can only be read every twelve hours when 500 clocks synchronize for the reveal. [Via Design You Trust]

A / No. 9 / Armin / A new web site dedicated to all things grid, The Grid System. [Via Thinking for a Living]

A / No. 4 / Armin / The Human Typewriter Project. Exactly what you think it is.

C / No. 9 / Josh B / Easily the most beautiful swag ever made, for the upcoming animated feature Coraline . Truly remarkable. (Scroll down to see them all.)

A / No. 17 / Armin / The Stories Behind Hollywood Studio Logos.

A / No. 15 / Armin / A new juggernaut in typography books? Behold the upcoming The Typographic Desk Reference.

A / No. 7 / Armin / If you liked the Objectified logo you will like this print ad for Museum of Childhood with letterforms made out of your favorite toys.

C / No. 5 / Niki Brown / A sneak peek behind the scenes, Designers Scribbles.

A / No. 3 / Armin / A collaboration between Visa, Japanese financial group Eposukado and fashion store Marui to provide 100 options of credit card designs by artists and designers from around the world. [Via Nice Fucking Graphics]

A / No. 1 / Armin / Fifty hand-picked covers from the Criterion collection, which does its own original designs, miles apart from the commercial DVD covers. [Via Kottke]

C / No. 7 / Poppy Petunia / It’s a bird, its a plane, no, it’s a hand! Amazing hand and body art you have to see …

C / No. 15 / Poppy Petunia / Check out Chris Wade’s DIRTY ART, it turns dirty nastiness into masterpieces, amazingly JUST COOL.


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PUBLISHED ON Dec.08.2008 BY Armin
Jason Puckett’s comment is:

On the Criterion Disc covers, I don't think they do them all themselves? I know Marc English Design(Slackers & My Own Private Idaho) and others have done some.

On Dec.10.2008 at 09:43 PM
Armin’s comment is:

Jason, yes, definitely, they do commission other designers and illustrators. What I meant is that they do their own covers separate from the movie studios would do. Whether it's in-house or in collaboration with others.

On Dec.11.2008 at 05:48 AM