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Qs / Vol. 25 / January 26 - February 1

The top 15 out of a 32-quip week.

A = Authors | C = Community

A / No. 58 / Armin / The ubiquitous man and woman restroom icons come to real life in The Pedestrian Project. [Via Design You Trust]

C / No. 80 / Myles / Got a crapload of old cd’s? Put all those jewel cases to good use.

A / No. 61 / Armin / I’m a Designer and… I’m not sure what the exact point of this web site is or why it’s geared to designers, but whatevs. [Via IdeaFixa]

A / No. 73 / Armin / Nice, and unexpected, visual play on these wine labels for Laughing Stocks Vineyards.

A / No. 59 / Armin / Yum… the first italic typeface ever, by Francesco Griffo da Bologna circa 1500.

C / No. 82 / Plamen / Yes you can! Do better! Than professional designers. NY Times invites everyone to submit their logo proposal for the Super Bowl.

C / No. 75 / Plamen / 135 sets of logos to choose from for the EU presidency of Belgium, Spain and Hungary in 2010-2011.

C / No. 78 / Chris / A mosque full of white-clad women… and a little girl in read in the middle. Powerful.

A / No. 55 / Armin / Flickrdesign “catalogs interesting and inspiring graphic design pieces posted to flickr.” Flickr has increasingly become a great source of graphic design material. [Via Evasee]

A / No. 56 / Armin / t’s sad to see the economy bring down one of the most influential design firms of our time. Creative Review reports on Ian Anderson closing The Designers Republic.

A / No. 62 / Armin / Not sure who or what “NAIL” is, but here are more than 15 cool ways of rendering it with real-life stuff.

A / No. 64 / Armin / The 85 notebooks of Michael Bierut.

A / No. 71 / Armin / A very minimalist and contemporary Mona Lisa.

A / No. 72 / Armin / The Letterpress shop, Studio on Fire, has a great blog with some excellent insight into the world of modern-day letterpress printing. Plus, if you like close-up shots of letterpress stuff, you’ll drool.

A / No. 60 / Armin / Pretty weird mash-up of ideas: The 69 Sexiest Rap Song Titles, some of them illustrated with the restroom man/woman icons. NSFW, I think, but depends on your company’s policy on stick figure sex Language is definitely NSFW. [Via Design You Trust]


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