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Qs / Vol. 27 / March 23 - March 29

The top 15 out of a 27-quip week.

A = Authors | C = Community

C / No. 53 / Mattus / Thinking of designing a sphere logo? Don’t.

A / No. 73 / Armin / I don’t typically fawn for in-depth, personal projects by students, but Gretchen Nash’s Dear Gretchen is amazing. I had the chance of seeing it at the Adobe Design Achievement Awards. The handmade paper graphs are just too much.

A / No. 82 / Armin / A deceptively simple graphic: Length of basketball shorts, then and now. [Via DesignNotes]

A / No. 63 / Armin / Very clever math formulas for everyday things like “Raisin = Grape + Time.” [Via Build]

A / No. 78 / Armin / Introducing Google Classic. (Not really). [Via BuzzFeed]

A / No. 71 / Armin / On the cover of Creative Review’s April issue: Their very own hand-lettered taxi by Indian master letterers.

C / No. 58 / Diane Faye Zerr / Moleskine launched it’s new site in Beta. Pretty nice. Check out the new MSK feature to layout pages, import contacts, import your calendar and print to fit into your Moleskine notebook. Thanks to NotCot

C / No. 59 / Able Parris / Font Series: Arial is Everywhere (via designworkplan).

A / No. 65 / Armin / Nick Sherman reports on the typographic usage in art at the famed Armory Show in New York.

A / No. 76 / Armin / Beer logo sweaters. Yup, you read that right. [Via Draplin]

A / No. 61 / Armin / With a title like this, who needs an explanation? Retro Apple Logo fruit salad. [Via Design You Trust]

C / No. 61 / Joshua Levi / An ongoing collection of history proven wrong predictions and self-help books that should not be on sale in wake of the global financial debacle. All books shown are still available to buy from Amazon.

C / No. 54 / Diane Faye Zerr / This article by a mom of a third grader wants schools to stop teaching handwriting. I’m a mom too, but I would not encourage my son to quit when times get tough. The comments are plenty, good and bad.

A / No. 66 / Armin / Portraits of musicians made out of recycled cassette tape.” Easier Quip’d than done.

C / No. 57 / Kelly Smith / Inkd: The World’s First Market for Original Print Design has launched!


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