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Ten Good Reasons
Why Army Men are Better Than Action Figures

Source: The Army Men Homepage

Arms don't fall off Army Men unless you chop them off

Army Men never lose their weapons because they're molded right on

With Army Men, you get an army.  Action figures come one at a time

You don't have to read the associated comic books to understand who's on which side with Army men.  It's simple — one side is green and the other is another color

You don't have to worry about buying accessories for Army men.  They come with everything you need.

Army Men's vehicles don't break, run out of ammo or need new batteries.  The only problem with Army Men is that wheels can fall off the jeeps.

Army men are the same yesterday and today and tomorrow.  They never go out of style when a new TV show and comic book series is released.

Army men can be had in abundance for a small percentage of what it costs to buy a team of Action Figures.

It costs a fortune to buy a whole series of Action Figures.  With Army Men, you get the whole set for one low price.

You don't have to wait for a new accessory or figure to be released so you can complete the set.  Army Men are always available with all the goodies, all the time.

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