Name David Weinberger
Nationality American
Currently in NYC
Occupation Brand Design & Strategy
Place of business CBX
Personal web site

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You know, it's crazy but I think the way I see things changed the day I bought an iPod. I had never before listened to music while walking out on the sidewalk. On the streets of New York. On the streets of Philadelphia. On the streets of Baltimore. And it’s different from listening to music driving a car where you are in your own world. Standing in a crowded subway car, a packed subway car, there are other people inside of your world. It is a shared world. I stand there touching five other people seeing the same thing that they see, but I am hearing something different. Life has a soundtrack. I walk and I watch people and the perfect song is on when the perfect person walks by, or a couple is arguing in rhythm. Walking in rhythm. Breathing in rhythm. Sights and sounds mesh like daydreams. People, objects and the wind move in unison. I pause. I take notice and I walk slowly.

I once had a college professor threaten to have me expelled after I wrote a paper stating that Prince and Madonna were better artists than Mahler and Cezanne (except that business was their art and not music). Maybe I was wrong but I held my ground. The connection between Art and Design and Business has always fascinated me and it is that link which I strive to strengthen. I see opportunities all around me and I jump at them.