Name graham wood
Nationality british
Currently in sweden
Occupation tomato
Place of business tomato
Personal web site tomato

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i was brought up in dover as a crab, and i have, over the last ten years, done everything from driving to weeping. all ponced up at nearly 40, weighty, overbearing but happy in my ignorance, i’ve convinced himself of my own importance, and others have too! right now i'm hoping for the best but can’t see a way through, and my dreams are of meteors smashing into the planet and great flashing lights in the sky. i manage to save my loved ones in an act of self-sacrifice, fortunately, and i die in the knowledge that my bloodline will continue. but it is, of course, only a dream. current projects include forks, dust, an anti-matter attractor tractor, turkey lurkey (in fette fraktur on an oat) and moving at the speed of an electron.