Name Kevin Yuen Kit Lo
Nationality Canadian
Currently in Montréal
Occupation Graphic/Interactive Designer
Personal web site LOKi design labs

THE STORY (all links below will show as pictures on the left)
I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1978. In 1989 I lived on a mountain. I moved to Montréal in 1996 to attend Concordia University's design art program. I learned all sorts of stuff. My professor made us watch a MBanx commercial 12 times in a row to force us to realize how manipulative and co-optive advertising is.

I learned design is not advertising.

I became interested in Communication Theory and Political Science and their relationship with culture.

I graduated in 2000 and returned to Toronto to work for a small marketing company.

In April 2001 I went to Quebec City to protest a trade agreement and was gassed and chased by jackbooted police officers. To quote Tibor Kalman: "What I witnessed that day was ugly and nasty, and it radicalized me." In September 2001 I returned to Montréal to do a graduate certificate in Digital technologies in Design Art Practice. I wrote a thesis on the social and political context within which graphic design operates. I graduated with Honors in August 2002.

I am now trying to put bread on the table.