Name Peter Scherrer
Nationality Swiss-American
Currently in Los Angeles
Occupation Graphic Designer
Place of business studio mousetrap

THE STORY (all links below will show as pictures on the left)
Born in Switzerland, grid systems engraved in my brain – by a combination of genes and a solid graphic design education – I decided in ’91 that it was time for me to experience rock ‘n’ roll first hand and a trip to Hollywood would be in order. I literally left all baggage behind, arrived on a saturday afternoon and took a cab to the Rainbow. That was in the fall of ’91.

Since then, I made some good friends, got an M.F.A at Art Center, won the Green Card lottery, drank way too much beer and started my own design studio. The latter mainly so I would not have to deal with bosses telling me what to do. And yes, for those software fanatics out there: I still prefer Freehand over Illustrator.