We haven't seen such imitating, copying, plundering, stealing, repeating, mimicking, impersonating and plagiarism since David Carson's style was so widely copied in print.

This time around "designers" are using print AND web to thoroughly diminish the hard-earned respect our profession has been able to achieve.

Plus, we are getting double the trash than that we got back in 1990.

There's no need for endless talk, let's take a look at the most copied elements in design these days.
Was this a clever idea or what?

Even though we have seen less of this "cool" arrow, it's still being used every now and then. I'm not sure who first used it, but I wish he/she wouldn't have.
I'll have to admit that these look really good when used well. But it has been an overdose of these little guys.
This is my personal favorite. It is the most silly thing I have ever seen. It's nothing! it doesn't say, represent or mean anything. And it doesn't matter the application it's used for, it can go on a web site, a brochure, a snowboard, a coffee mug. Thay don't care, they will slap it on anything they can.

Really. It's a joke what some people do.
Very similar to the one above. A little bit more interesting and provides better results. Still, too much of the same.
  This list could go on for a while. But I think you get the idea. All I can say is "be original and don't be so damn lazy" if you put a little effort you can come up with something new and different.

It's hard not to follow trends, we all do it every now and then.

But let's follow a good trend, not this.