A number of book designers, including William Addison Dwiggins (1880-1956), were transitional designers whose work spanned a range from the classical tradition of Goudy and Rogers to the new typography of Tschichold. After two decades in advertising design, Dwiggins began an involvement in book design for Alfred A. Knopf in 1926. He established Knopf's reputation for excellence in book design, experimenting with uncommon title-page arrangements, two-column book formats, and collagelike stencil ornaments combining the sensibility of Cubist collage with the grace of traditional ornament. His eighteen typeface designs for Mergenthaler Linotype include Caledonia, a graceful text face; Electra, a modern design with reduced thick and thin contrast; and Metro, Linotype's geometric sans serif created to compete with Futura and Kabel.

A History of Graphic Design
Second edition