My Desk

Exactly the way it was on February 13, 2003.

P.1. Desk viewed from not so far away. (rollover for detail)
Detail: Lava lamp that has been with me since my marchFIRST days.

P.2. Left side of the desk. (Rollover for detail)
Detail: Uncoated PMS chips from past jobs resting on flat speaker.

P.3. Top of my computer. (Rollover for detail)
Detail: A star wars action figure holding a pellegrino bottle cap riding a toad.

P.4. I even have stuff behind me, including my plant, Yolanda. (Rollover for detail)
Detail: Weird singing rodent that I got on my birthday.

P.5. View from my window. (Rollover for detail)
Detail: The dog wants to go outside and play. I warn him that it's too cold.

P.6. View from... no, wait... that's me. Thinking apparently. (Rollover for detail)
Detail: Scruffy hair of days gone by.