Yes! Speak Up is holding its first contest. Best part of it all is that in the end you get to wear it and make a strong fashion point. One talented person will be able to walk away a winner along with bragging rights for being the creator of the first-ever Speak Up tee! This first venture will include a limited run of T-shirts making it all the more valuable.

September 12, 2003 11:59 pm eastern time


The words “speak up” must appear. Please don’t do “su” nor “speakup”
No other words, letters, numbers or special characters are allowed
Any other images or graphics are completely up to you
The url (www.underconsideration.com) should not appear
You can only submit one design

2 color printing only
Use only provided swatches for T-shirt color
Front side of the T-shirt only
Use only the provided templates, entries submitted in other formats will not be considered
No halftones (i.e. no gradients)

Please read the instructions on the supplied eps and psd templates for correct submission procedures.

Not much here, the design should kick absolute ass. It has to make people’s heads turn. And feel that they too want to Speak Up. The concept must be great – the execution flawless. That’s right, the bar will be set very high.

After all submissions have been received they will be made public and set up so that everybody can vote on their top three choices*. After the votes have been tallied, the three majority winners will be put on a pedestal for the ultimate judging. It will then be up to Armin Vit and his cats to make the final decision. Which will be unanimous, unbiased, final and dictatorial in essence.

* If a really good concept is left out of the voting, Señor Vit has the option to overrule the voting. He does. And by golly he will use it if necessary.

By submitting your design you grant Speak Up the right to reproduce your artwork in any way that we see fit for promotional uses and reproduction. No part of the sales will be given to the winner. Credit will be very much given and props will come from all sides. We are not trying to rip anybody off, we just donít want to get sued.