February 21st, 2004
Chicago, IL.

Recently we were invited by AIGA’s Chicago chapter and joined Connie Harvey, Guy Villa and Matthew Terdich on Saturday February 21st to impart a workshop for high school students from Marwen, a non-for-profit arts education and youth development organization. Thirty eager, youngsters from 8th to 12th grades joined us for this workshop.

We started by presenting a problem to the students: A fictitious client – impersonated by Connie – was in need in of rebranding his own record label Wild Records in order to be competitive in that market as the company had lost its cool. The students worked in teams, starting with brainstorming, concept development, sketches and ending with the production of the chosen mark. A member of each team was selected to present the concept to the client and the rest of the class. In the end, each group was given feedback and they were able to see the strong and weak points of each mark.

A quick project that allowed the students to experience, however briefly the life and work of the designer, and visualize the option of design as a profession they can choose.

The original Wild Records logo was in dire need of a new look.

The first of our groups hard at work.

Our second group going over their ideas.

The third group concentrated on the task at hand.

The client being questioned.

First presenter on the first round of critique.

Client and group listen closely to presenters.

Students settle down for the second critique.

Still settling down for the second critique.

Logos done by the students.
(Last 5 under our direction).
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