1. Judges

The judging panel is comprised of five individuals: Three designers and two clients, the latter invited by two of the designers. Judges convene in Austin, TX to collectively select the work.

Tom Crabtree Tom Crabtree

Masoud Gerami Masoud Gerami
Heart of Tea

Charlie Cronk Charlie Cronk

2. Categories

The categories are simplified to cover a broad range of project scopes, from stand-alone logo projects to limited-application projects to large-scale projects. (Note: Animation and Guideline categories have been discontinued but can still be submitted as an application within the BID and CIP categories).


Basic Identity Applications

Comprehensive Identity Programs

Number of Applications

0 (Logo only)

1 Minimum – 3 Maximum

3 Minimum – No Maximum limit

Number of Pages

1 Maximum

1 Minimum – 3 Maximum

5 Minimum – 30 Maximum

Page Size




Early-Bird Fee (Ended Feb. 7)

$30 Professional / $22 Student

$45 Professional / $33 Student

$60 Professional / $45 Student

Regular Fee (Ends Mar. 7)

$40 Professional / $30 Student

$60 Professional / $45 Student

$80 Professional / $60 Student

Late Fee (Ends Mar. 21)

$50 Professional / $40 Student

$70 Professional / $55 Student

$90 Professional / $70 Student


You may include “before” versions as well as different colors or variations within the single page.

You may submit photographs of the applications or the actual physical applications.

Renderings and prototypes are not acceptable.

Think of your submission as a case study that presents all the elements of the identity.

Renderings and prototypes are acceptable.

Professional work must have been implemented or approved for implementation in 2013. Concept work is not eligible.

Student work must have been completed while enrolled in school during 2013. Personal work outside the classroom is not eligible.

3. Application Definition and Examples

An application is a single, stand-alone item where the logo and identity is put to use. Examples:

  • Business card
  • Letterhead
  • Envelope
  • Car livery
  • Airplane livery
  • Uniform
  • Packaging
  • Packaging
  • Collateral material covers
  • Signage
  • Retail environment
  • Web site
  • Mobile app screen
  • Invitation
  • 3 to 9 sample pages of guideline documents
  • Single piece of apparel (t-shirt, tote bag, hoodie, baseball cap)
  • Advertising
  • Animation
  • Screen-based application

4. Delivery Options

Entrant and entry details are all submitted online but you have two options for delivering your work and entry forms. We encourage electronic submissions over mailed submissions as it's usually more economic. But the option is yours.

A) Electronic Upload Option

Through the online submission process you will be able to input all information and upload PDFs with your work.

There is a cost associated with this, as we will still print out your entry. But you are saving money on shipping, especially helpful for international entrants. Printing charges are applied during checkout.

Cost per page (in US$)
$0.30 for Letter/A4
$0.50 for Tabloid/A3

Entry labels are generated automatically in the back-end, you do not need to do anything with those.

B) Mail-in Option

After completing the online submission process you are responsible for printing and mailing your entry.

Entry labels generated by the online form must be clipped, stapled, taped, or bound to the back of each entry facing out.

UnderConsideration LLC
5618 Shoalwood Ave
Austin, TX 78756

Do no mount anything. Loose sheets for logos; stapled or wire-/coil-bound for other categories.

Mailed-in entries must be postmarked by Friday, March 21, 2014 and delivered no later than Monday, March 24, 2014.

5. Winner Perks and Obligations

The work selected will be a representation of the very best work being done in identity design today. Winning entries will be generously showcased in the book with credits and accompanied by client statements. Additionally, each judge will pick his or her favorite entry for five Judge's Choice Awards and each category will have a Best of Category Award selected collectively by the judges.

Open web showcase

This year we are shifting the strategy so that as many people as possible see the winning work. All winning projects will be showcased in a free-to-access website (as opposed to the first three years’ paid-access website). See the FAQs for more info.

On-demand Book

A book will still be designed with the winning work but it will be printed on-demand and ordered from a third-party at production cost. Winners will NOT receive a complimentary copy.

Certificate of Award

A printed certificate will be provided for each winning entry. It will be pretty.

2014 Brand New Conference Tickets

1 Best of Show will receive 4 free tickets.
All Best of Category and Judges’ Picks will receive each 2 free tickets.
Travel or accommodations are not included.

Client and Teacher Statements (Required)

All winning entrants must submit this statement in order to be published.

Professional level winners must submit a client. This confirms that the project is not only real but that it was satisfactory to the client.

+ See sample client statement

Student level winners must submit a teacher statement. This confirms that the project was part of a class assignment or thesis project and that it met the brief and demands established by the instructor.

+ See sample student statement

Statements must be provided after winning notification is received. Through a maximum of 100 words statements must summarize the client's or teacher's experience of the design process, whether their goals were met, what their impression of the result is, and any other comment that validates the concept, execution, and strategy of the entry.


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