BNConf Does Good!

In an effort to do something positive with the audience we’ve built and the good reputation of the conference we will be trying something new this year:

We will provide two local, non-profit or charity organizations — that would benefit from a rebrand — a platform to share their cause and provide them with access to the Brand New Conference audience to help them secure pro-bono collaborations with the strategists, identity designers, illustrators, photographers, writers, and other creatives that attend the conference who might be looking to make a positive difference with their skills.

This initiative will have significant presence during the two days of the event:

On Stage

We will devote one of the eight 45-minute sessions in the conference each day to #BNConfDoesGood:

15 minutes for the organization to share what they do and why they would benefit from a rebranding.

30 minutes for two designers (15 minutes each) to share a case study of a pro-bono identity they did for a non-profit or charity.

This will replace the traditional “15-minute flings” of past conferences.

On Day 1, Allyson Lack of Principle in Houston, TX, will talk about their work for Archway Academy, the largest sober high school in America and Deroy Peraza of Hyperakt in Brooklyn, NY, will talk about their work for Tuyo Media, an international journalism mentorship program focused on developing local voices.

On Day 2, Élise Cropsal of lg2 in Montréal, Québec, will talk about their work for Give-A-Care, a line of products for young women with breast cancer created by Rethink Breast Cancer, and Alex Coyle of SPARK in Tampa, FL, will talk about their work for Special Camp, a unique experience for special needs children.

On Site

We will provide the representative of the non-profit or charity a space among the other sponsors where the audience can approach them to talk about possible collaborations.

We will encourage the audience to make donations to the organization on site.

The selected charities will be announced closer to the date of the event.