2016 - Nashville (Free)

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A rare look at the process behind 30-plus years of logo and identity projects plus examples of the long-standing relationship with French Paper. PREVIEW

A convincing and charming case for seeking variety, diversity, and maximalism in identity projects… and life. PREVIEW

A conversation spanning over 60 years, covering Manuel’s multiple jobs and signature line while musing on fame, fortune, style, and rhinestones. PREVIEW

A glimpse at what it means to be the new guy on the block and how the quest to design simple logos is multi-generational. PREVIEW

An honest recap of changing industries and landing inside a well-oiled machine where performance and innovation are the leading qualities of the product and the expectations of its design team. PREVIEW

A quick historical introduction to the first known candy bar in the U.S. followed by its revival in 2010 as it celebrated its 100th anniversary. (This video is shared with Austin Gray and Bryce McCloud). PREVIEW

An endearing look at a life-long admiration for logos (and sports uniforms) and how that informed the start of his own business. (This video is shared with Beth Sachan and Bryce McCloud). PREVIEW

An optimistic presentation on the potential of design and ideas to influence community and society positively with humor, smarts, and craft. (This video is shared with Beth Sachan and Austin Gray). PREVIEW