2017 - Chicago ($4 each)

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A 30-plus-year trip through the past and present of DUFFY as told by father and son. PREVIEW

A charmingly philosophical yet grounded call for embracing mistakes, rejecting fear, and taking risks with our work. PREVIEW

An in-depth case study of rebranding the ACLU and all the trials and tribulations that entails. PREVIEW

A first-time (for #BNConf) presentation on the power of words in branding and identity and how they complement design. PREVIEW

A showcase of three strategies used to approach projects, each illustrated by a case study from Laura’s time at Bruce Mau Design. PREVIEW

A tale of becoming an in-house brand expert by living the brand and enjoying it. (This video is shared with Eileen and Amy). PREVIEW

An overview of the thoughtful process and work for Spectrum, a safe sex shop in Detroit. (This video is shared with Mig and Amy). PREVIEW

A look at how to be funny in branding and three steps to land a good joke. (This video is shared with Mig and Eileen). PREVIEW