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Public Lettering Anyone?

Maybe it’s not so fresh, as news, but this Phil Baines walk is a great way to find inspirations and learn something new about your city, if you live in London actually.

Make something similar about your city, let’s build a worldwide urban lettering database!

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PUBLISHED ON Sep.19.2002 BY long-gone author
Todd’s comment is:

Thank you! I had seen this site some time ago and was completely unable to unearth the URL again when I wanted to show it to someone.

Overall, I find it to be an interesting collection of oft-overlooked applications of type. And the site design has had a lot of thought put into it, especially its consistency. However, the tone is very sour, with alot of (unnecessarily) biting complaints. But a great find on the whole.

On Sep.19.2002 at 10:11 AM
Armin’s comment is:

wow! it is so refreshing to see people really get into a project and making sure that the rest of us can see what they envisioned the first time they thought of it. The lettering samples are great, and the way they are displayed in the site is excellent, the functionality of it just adds to the overall experience. It's almost as if you were walking in London with the guy.

On Sep.19.2002 at 02:36 PM