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Top 10 Records of 2002

Okay, most of you would agree that music and art go hand in hand - especially in my job :) This post isn’t about a designer, a website or any type of debate … not that there is anything wrong with that (said with your best Seinfeld impersonation). I thought I’d pick everyone’s brain on what their top 10 records are this year. I know the year isn’t up yet, but we are close. Christmas is coming soon and if I don’t post this now, I’ll soon forget.

I am always intrigued on what people are listening to. I find out about so many great artists/bands that way. It’s even cooler to hear what the design community is rocking.

Music: the best inspiration. So, plug in your ipod, turn it up, and start typing. You know this is fun …

For me:

1. DOVES The Last Broadcast

2. ANDREW W.K. I Get Wet

3. COLDPLAY A Rush Of Blood To The Head

4. FEEDER Comfort In Sound

5. JURASSIC 5 Power In Numbers

6. OURS Precious

7. OASIS Heathen Chemistry

8. KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Alive Or Just Breathing

9. LORIEN Under The Waves

10. HOT SNAKES Suicide Invoice

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Kevin’s comment is:

woah... Marcus

that's cary... I'm listening to almost the EXACT same stuff right now. Aside from the Flaming Lips , Sigur Ros and Pavement (though I've been meaning to).

Nice picks man...

Btw, nice work, nice site but could ya increase the font size for us folk on 1600 x 12000 : )

On Nov.14.2002 at 11:29 PM
Maarten de Groot’s comment is:

Well, I can agree with the list that Don made, but also with Marcus for naming Amon Tobin (I LOVE Amon Tobin, have all his records).

On Nov.15.2002 at 01:18 AM
ale’s comment is:
  1. Sonic Youth: Murray Street
  2. DJ Shadow: Private Press
  3. Pavement: Luxe & Reduxe
  4. Bjork: Greatest Hits
  5. Flaming Lips: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
  6. Nirvana: Nirvana
  7. Audioslave: Audioslave
  8. Sigur Ros: ()
  9. Oasis: Heathen Chemistry
  10. The Stone Roses: The very best of
On Nov.15.2002 at 03:56 AM
Armin’s comment is:

I'm a little more mainstream. I've never really understood this (U.S.) obsession with small and unknown bands. Forget who can pee the farthest, here whoever likes the obscurest band wins. No offense intended, it's just a funny thing.

1. Amores Perros (soundtrack) Hell of a movie too.

2. Radiohead: I might be wrong

3. Cafe Tacuba: Reves/Yo Soy

4. Jimmy Page & Robert Plant: No Quarter

5. Nirvana: Unplugged

6. Dave Matthews Band: any live version

7. Snatch (soundtrack)

8. Pearl Jam: ALL CD's

9. Bob Dylan: Love and Theft

10. Sweet & Lowdown (soundtrack)

On Nov.15.2002 at 08:58 AM
Darrel’s comment is:

"I've never really understood this (U.S.) obsession with small and unknown bands."

It's a 'hipster' thing. "hey...I'm listening to bands that you don't hear on the radio!"

Of course, we all pretty much listen to the same ten albums an anyone else these days ;o)

How about a more appropriate topic...the ten best album covers of the year?

On Nov.15.2002 at 09:52 AM
Armin’s comment is:

>How about a more appropriate topic...the ten best album covers of the year?

We've gone over that one twice. Not this year's specifically though.

Here and here.

On Nov.15.2002 at 10:00 AM
Garret’s comment is:

A slightly Canadian twist.

1. The Flashing Lights - Sweet Release

2. Oasis - What's the Story...

3. The White Stripes - White Blood Cells

4. Cat Power - The Covers Record

5. The Royal Tenenbaums - Soundtrack

6. The Tragically Hip - Phantom Power

7. Sloan - Pretty Together

8. Tom Waits - Blood Money

9. Bob Dylan - Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid

10. Radiohead - Kid A

Production Note; Not all current releases.

I am very pleased to see Oasis on many of your lists. How pleasant to know that rock and roll is not dead.

I leave you with a passage from the most engaging motion picture in recent memory, as well, a killer soundtrack;

"The crickets and the rust-beetles scuttled among the nettles of the sagethicket. Vamanos, amigos, he whispered, and threw the busted leather flintcraw over the loose weave of the saddlecock. And they rode on in the friscalating dusklight."

On Nov.15.2002 at 10:03 AM
Christopher May’s comment is:

'the ten best album covers of the year?'

good suggestion darrel.

Im on a slightly different tip than most of your comments. I'm into house music. I still by records on a regular basis. And I find for every ten records I by, maybe one - at most - has invested in an ablum cover other than the generic black sleeve. however there are still those that do. I really dig any naked music cover.

On Nov.15.2002 at 11:03 AM
KM’s comment is:

- Beck "Sea Change"

- Cornershop "Handcream for a Generation"

- Nina Hynes "Staros"

- Gus Gus "Attention"

- Thievery Corporation "The Richest Man in Babylon"

- Sig�r Ros "()"

- Bj�rk "Family Tree"

- Red Hot Chili Peppers "By the Way"

- The Vines "Highly Evolved"

- Coldplay "A Rush of Blood To The Head"

On Nov.15.2002 at 11:19 AM
Tom’s comment is:

well here is what I bought this year. Not all new stuff as I like the oldies as well.

Newsboys - Love Liberty Disco

Amy Grant - Legacy...Hymns & Faith

Beatles - 1

Buena Vista Social Club

Creed - Weathered

Destiny's Child

FooFighters - One by One

U2 - All That You Can't Leave Behind

Moulin Rouge - Soundtrack

POD - Satelite

Toby Mac - Momemtum

Tait - Empty

Temptations - Greatest Hits #2

Star Wars - soundtrack

O Brother Where Art Thou - soundtrack

Seems I can't count either.

On Nov.15.2002 at 01:16 PM
guy’s comment is:

Purchases and heavy rotations for 2002:

Delerium - Poem

Delerium - Singles : Innocente

Dusted - When We Were Young

Paul Oakenfold - Perfecto Presents Another World

Koop - Waltz for Koop

Enigma - Screen Behind the Mirror great design piece for its previous album

Moulin Rouge - Soundtrack

Twila Paris - Perenial

Libera - Beata Lux

Dead Can Dance - The Serpent's Egg

Enya - A Day Without Rain

On Nov.15.2002 at 01:39 PM
Steven’s comment is:

Are you guys serious about some of these artists? I went to go check out a few that I hadn't heard of before and YIKES!!! My ears still hurt from listening to the Pavement tracks. Sounded like Bob Dylan singing with Dokken or something. That was terrible.

I love most of the stuff from some of the others like Cold Play and Doves, etc. But some of that stuff is just not what I can really call music. OH MY GOD! I think I just became my father.

Anyway, it seems to me that some artists in the music community are acting like those in the design community. I'm going to make this look (or sound) as crappy as I can and call it art.

On Nov.15.2002 at 01:56 PM
Armin’s comment is:

>some artists in the music community are acting like those in the design community. I'm going to make this look (or sound) as crappy as I can and call it art.


On Nov.15.2002 at 02:25 PM
pk’s comment is:

i prefer singles, so here are my current favorite songs:

1. thc: adagio

2. wumpscut: christfuck

3. nina hagen: born in xixax

4. le tigre: we like the cars that go boom (remake!)

5. thc: need to destroy

6. information society: ausoween 1.0 (PWEI vs. tim burton)

7. rasputina: a quitter

8. bronski beat: need a man blues

9. jacques brel: j'arrive

10. qntal: 02 ad mortem festinamus

On Nov.15.2002 at 05:20 PM
Nick’s comment is:

Interpol - Turn On The Bright Lights

AWK - I Get Wet

Nas - The Lost Tapes


The Clipse - Lord Willin

David Holmes - Come Get It I Got It

Phantom Planet - The Guest

Beck - Sea Change

Arlo - Stab The Unstoppable Hero

Desparecidos - Read Music/Speak Spanish

On Nov.15.2002 at 06:51 PM
ryan’s comment is:

no particular order

aesop rock - labor

telefon tel aviv - fairenheit fair enough

dabrye - one slash three

hu vibrational - boonghe music

delarosa + asora - (ALL)

prefuse 73 - desks pencils bottles whatever

nin - and all that could have been (fuck you)

air - the virgin suicides

amon tobin - briocolage

On Nov.15.2002 at 08:09 PM
Jonathan’s comment is:

in no particulary order:

The Streets - Original Pirate Material (hiphop poetry with homemade garage beats.. they stink live, but the album is _great_)

Beenie Man - Tropical Storm (great dancehall stuff with some Neptunes productions)

Jurassic 5 - Power in Numbers (loving the collab with Nelly Furtado)

DJ Riz - Live from Brooklyn (my favourite funk mixtape)

Nobukazu Takemura - Water's Suite (the ultimate in ambient electronica)

M�m - Finally We Are No One (great icelandic lush electronica)

RJD2 - Deadringer (freshest hiphop producer on the block)

Prefuse 73 - The 92 Vs. 02 Collection [ep] (also check his idm hiphop productions)

Miss Kittin - On the Road (because everyone should have some electro in their collection)

Soulwax - 2 Many DJs (great Belgian bastard pop mix.. just good fun.)

On Nov.16.2002 at 11:12 AM
guy’s comment is:

URJ. Nice example of MX's video capability. Great presentation + pitch too. Sets the standard for a portfolio site.

On Nov.16.2002 at 12:48 PM
B. Baltimore Brown’s comment is:

Top 15 In No Particular Order:

Super Furry Animals - Rings Around the World

Tomahawk - Tomahawk

Fantomas - The Directors Cut

Blindside - silence

FooFighters - One by One

P.O.D. - Satelite

Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf

Project 86 - Truthless Heroes

Phantom Planet - The Guest

Beck - Sea Change

Kylie Minogue - Fever

The Vines - Highly Evolved

Peter Gabriel - UP

Iffy - Biota Bondo (to Beck fans, worth checking out.)

Starflyer 59 - Leave Here Stranger

Namelessnumberheadman - when we leave, we will know where we've been

(local giants, find them here!)

Top 5 2002 releases I keep putting off purchasing but still need to get:

Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

Johnny Cash - American IV: The Man Comes Around

The Black Crowes - LIVE

77's - Direct

All of the Elvis Costello Re-Releases (I'm cheating, I know)

I fully acknowledge that some of these releases may be from 2001 but actually bridged the gap into 2002 or were released late. So in essence these are all 2002 releases to me since that's when I purchased them.

On Nov.19.2002 at 05:47 PM
Marcus Webb’s comment is:

Steven, you have no taste.

You are your father.

Pavement IS hipness.

On Nov.19.2002 at 09:40 PM
Bob’s comment is:

Sorry man, "we like the cars that go boom" is a L'Trimm song from the 80s, not a Le Tigre "remake"--someone mislabled it on kazaa or whatever and a monster was born (mistake makes sense though--"we're tigra and bunny [names of the l'trimm people]" sounds like "le tigre and bunny". sort of. ok, not really.)

On Mar.15.2004 at 04:57 PM