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A Couple of Mexicans

Since I’m writing from lovely, awfully polluted, colorfoul Mexico I thought I would introduce you to two great Mexican Designers. Their work is truly marked by our culture, colors and graphics.

- Oscar Reyes

- Alejandro Magallanes

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PUBLISHED ON Dec.18.2002 BY Armin
Tom’s comment is:

Very nice stuff. I really like Oscar's work.

How much does the U.S. design scene influence designers in Mexico?

On Dec.18.2002 at 01:21 PM
armin’s comment is:

>How much does the U.S. design scene influence designers in Mexico?

I would say a lot. Mainly because a lot of corporations want to look like american corporations. Remember Citaris? they are a mexican based communications company, but they hired us to do their logo in Atlanta. Although they ended up in Brussels (but that's another story.)

So you end up with a lot of generic looking identities, brochures and web sites, without the same quality.

As far as influence goes, I think there is undeniably one. It was very apparent when David Carson came along, it influenced even the designers here. Then again, big name designers don't get that much exposure here. So there is a good balance, where american designed isn't overexposed here.

But then there are the designers who absolutely hate american design and that truly embrace Mexico's visual culture and do some really amazing stuff.

On Dec.18.2002 at 04:14 PM
Eric Olivares’s comment is:

Exists another latin-american designers, with interesting graphic work, and newmedia experimental interfaces, whith a future vision about the graphic design.

On Oct.28.2003 at 11:12 AM