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Making the Invisible Visible

Last night’s talk was the last in AIGA’s Incite/Insight series. Labeled “See” it came courtesy of Hillman Curtis. I’ll have to admit, I had my reservations and prejudices going into the talk. I thought he was going to come in and preach about usability and simplicity, how much Flash rocks and how cool and trendy it is to be a New York/New Media Designer.

Boy, was a I wrong.

As opposed to the first talk in the series, this one was sold out and buzzing with interactivey excitement. The talk revolved around Hillman’s philosophy and the way he approaches projects. Nothing extraordinarily new, we all aspire to some of the same principles/goals, but what was truly amazing was his simplicity and no nonsense approach. What most impressed me was his admittance of the greatness in other people’s work, something you don’t hear very often from designers. He applauded work by Tibor Kalman, Kyle Cooper and, to my chagrin, Bradley from gmunk.com. He revealed that he is scared of — and challenged by — these people, of the quality of work they are capable of and that he himself aspires to do.

Inspiration was a recurring theme in the talk — as well as theme was a recurring one — and he had some interesting projects to show us how he and his team use everyday inspiration for their work. This is something else that got my attention, he gave lot of credit to his team, one more thing you don’t hear much of from big-name designers.

In conclusion: Hillman Curtis is inspiring, smart, funny as hell and does excellent work. And he is a great speaker.

Hats off to Connie for putting this series together.

Thanks for the book (wink wink.)

PS. If you need somebody to round out the series to Hear. Touch. See. Speak. you know who to call.

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PUBLISHED ON May.23.2003 BY Armin
Ikaika’s comment is:

Hillman Curtis must be the most underrated designer amongst the oh so hip design community and I wonder why??

He's definitely top notch in my book.


Why are you disappointed that Hillman mentioned Gmunk?

On May.24.2003 at 02:36 PM
Armin’s comment is:

>Why are you disappointed that Hillman mentioned Gmunk?

I have nothing personally against gmunk, I didn't even know his name was Bradley until Hillman mentioned it. I just have a "thing" for people who make things cool just for cool's sake and calling it graphic design in the way. In reality I think his work is awesome and cool and I'm amazed by how he does it, but in theory I have a tough time digesting it.

On May.24.2003 at 05:06 PM
Ikaika’s comment is:

I see what you mean. There are designers and there are "designers".

Both of them are very talented but there's a reason that Hillman is/was one of the top ten designers in the world.

On May.24.2003 at 10:08 PM