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What Happens Next?

It has certainly been a tough two weeks for Speak Up which, as Rebecca mentioned, ultimately lands on my feet. Until six, seven months ago it would have been safe to say that indeed all landed completely on me, but I don’t think that is the case — Speak Up is not just mine anymore. Criticism on the site reflects on everybody and that’s why I think these past couple of weeks have stirred such heated discussions that go past graphic design. In a way this is the best compliment we (not only I) can get, because we care for the way we interact, the sense of community is apparent and that is no easy feat.

I think this is the first time things get personal. Adjectives like ass, macho jerks, full of shit and ardent feminist have been thrown around freely. On the surface that is not what I want Speak Up to be, but I won’t deny that I applaud the honesty. Maybe it’s evil of me to say so. The first year was insult-free, that alone is quite an achievement, I think we can get past this flarings and go back to the way things should be, OK?

The main complaint has been regarding the I’ll say whatever the fuck I want whether you like it or not. So? Say whatever you want back. I agree that the tone has been overly judgmental, condescending and aggressive at times, but I ask — from both sides — that you 1) manage to get past that and 2) that you also make sure to point it out with a smart response. I also ask that everybody who posts has a sense of responsibility and comments with a constructive end in mind. Do not change who you are though — because then we will be screwed.

For all the people who are hesitant to post: whatever. And I don’t mean that in a dismissive way, I mean that you do whatever it is you are comfortable doing. If you like to lurk, lurk then, don’t feel pressured to post because anybody here says so or becasue we want the comment count to go higher. However, when you do post, be ready — you’ve seen what happens.

Another issue, men vs. women. Seriously and personally I am completely over this issue. We are all people, if we are concerned about this man/woman thing we will get nowhere really fast. If you are a woman: post or don’t post; if you are a man: post or don’t post. Easy as that. Not enough women interviews? Not enough women quoted in Sheepy? Not enough women authors on the site? Tough. Change it — whether you are a woman or a man. I don’t prefer one gender over another I go with what I know feels right, I don’t want to say “Well, I have to interview a woman or everybody will get pissed,” I’ll interview who I think is the best candidate — men, woman or cow.

Finally, I just want to say that I thank you all for your honesty and the passion with which you post. For better or worse (depending on how you look at it) it is the reason why Speak Up is the way it is and I, for one, am very proud of what it has become. What has happened these past couple of weeks was necessary, so I strangely welcomed it. It is now time to move on, unless you want to keep beating this into the ground — in which case I won’t really care anymore because then your comments are more petty than helpful. What needed to be said has been said. Those interested in hearing will surely take it upon themselves to do something about it. Just don’t expect Speak Up to be something it is not.

Thank you.

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PUBLISHED ON Nov.08.2003 BY Armin