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Word It for September

Once upon a time…

Time is the Word It for September.

With that said, please read the specifications for submittal, and go create based on Time.
Word-its will be updated on a weekly basis.

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PUBLISHED ON Aug.27.2005 BY Speak Up
Daniel’s comment is:

It's about time somebody posts a comment in here.

On Aug.29.2005 at 02:07 PM
Steve Mock’s comment is:

Are the small word-its cropped? Is that new?

Used to be, the small ones were just smaller big ones.

On Aug.29.2005 at 03:29 PM
Armin’s comment is:

We also, sometimes, change typefaces and colors...

No, not really, we would never.

So, sarcasm aside, there is a chance we might have overlooked one... Steve, do you have an example of one we cropped?

On Aug.29.2005 at 04:23 PM
BlueStreak’s comment is:

Steve, do you have an example of one we cropped?

You cropped two of Ryan's that were added to the main page rotation. I assumed the "tits image" was cropping out the copyright statement. But the heat lamp/finger or whatever he did was cropped too. I assumed that was your "cut and paste" glitch. The image was stronger in my opinion though and I liked it.

Sorry for answering for you Mock. And here's hoping that the Word It master Pesky Illustrator is floating over Hurricane Katrina.

Another Word It question. Why are you guys skipping a week here and there? I love the fresh Word Its and it dicks with my week when they get stale.

On Aug.29.2005 at 06:04 PM
Armin’s comment is:

BlueStreak, for the past month we definitely admit to being on- and off-schedule; we have been painting walls, sanding cabinets and packing books to no end. So our team of web developers, image optimizers and Q&A specialists (aka me and Bryony) have not had much time.

We will get back on schedule as soon as humanly possible.

In other, related, overall news, Word It has been getting quite a bit of attention from different sources and we are very excited to see the "project" get the attention it deserves.

On Aug.29.2005 at 07:16 PM
Pesky Illustrator’s comment is:

Oh Armin, I wish I had one for this new WordIt! Poor little Cajun Baby is swimming with the fishes. Have I been ruining a good mood? Type talk and all that? I think I've gone from pesky to Weepy Illustrator.

Today I hand drew a sign for the back of my car: "Give me a break, driver, I'm from New Orleans". They drive like madmen here in Atlanta and I wanted to appeal for mercy in traffic after being blasted by honking BMW horns. I don't want to die because I changed lanes. At first I thought of asking someone for a decent printout of hard type. Something like Univers 59 Bold Condensed Caps, but then realized I would get more sympathy if it was drawn with a marker pen and badly filled in. A good designer knows when to anticipate context. I get smiles and waves as they whiz past now.

On Sep.03.2005 at 10:45 PM
Armin’s comment is:

Weepy, no worries. If you find a bit of solace sharing your experience with us then I'm more than happy.

I do miss Cajun baby though.

On Sep.04.2005 at 08:25 AM
Pesky Illustrator’s comment is:

Well, I didn't LITERALLY want to be called Weepy, Armin, but that made me laugh. I laugh so little now.

The enormity of my real loss and vulnerability is beginning to catch up with the adrenilin that was pushing me forward.

FEMA is just not coming thru. AIGA has offered help and we shall see how this gets coordinated. I offer my thanks ahead of time.

Offers of aid from individuals are heartwarming, but under my present dire circumstances basic survival has become paramont.

I don't need USB cable hardware until I have a house. I would hope that SOMEONE contacts companies like Apple and Epson, etc to provide free equipment. That, in due time, I can use. I want to be an illustrator again.

We are living in my rep's home. Susan Wells. If anyone wishes to send relief funds to that address you can look us up on ISpot.com. My name, in case you think I sign checks as Pesky, is Mark Andresen. My banking funds are frozen somewhat so I am living hand to mouth. They say they'll restore it from Houston soon. Flood insurance says it'll be over 6 months before they can asses damages. 10 feet of water in my house isn't going anywhere.

We eat single baked potatos like Russians out of "Doctor Zhivago". But I am lucky compared to my brothers and sisters back in Louisiana. They are hungry.

Atlanta is such a prosperous city that its difficult to afford things. I need a new accomodation is less than 30 days to move into ...one that will accept my cats who are frazzled by these changes. I'll be without any internet connection by then too and that will end my contacts.

It's getting more serious than I pretend.But joking has always been my way of coping. And I apologize to all of you if this seems unbearably grim in context to the purpose of this web site.

If I might ask, please go to organizations like AIGA who are offering help and contribute to their efforts. Money is essential. We'll see how well they come thru. Please also consider SUSTAINED contributions. This is not going to go away in a month. I am already aware of the fragility of my circumstances and it scares the hell out of me. Don't get weary of us. Please.

It's a disgrace that my people back in New Orleans are in misery. I see the beginning of relief efforts, but the magnitude is, as of yet, incalcuable. The missing and the dead haunt my dreams.

On Sep.04.2005 at 09:20 AM
BlueStreak’s comment is:

"We are living in my rep's home. Susan Wells. If anyone wishes to send relief funds to that address you can look us up on ISpot.com"

Glad you're OK and staying in touch via SU. I, like many others, am trying to find a way to help you and the ones that stayed behind. You made a bit of a typo. The ispot.com is a web development company. I was going to put a more direct link to Susan's "swell" site, but didn't know if you wanted it that direct. So here's...


On Sep.04.2005 at 02:34 PM