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Recent Rebrandings 9

E&J Gallo, Chesapeake Corporation and Vivendi in this edition of Recent Rebrandings.


E&J Gallo, the second-biggest wine company in the world, is reinventing its wines to become Gallo Family Vineyards



Vivendi’s new logo and visual identity reflect the company’s strength and ambition. A strength founded on its ability to be creative, innovative and dynamic and the ambition to offer customers the best products and services.



Although our previous logo served us well for more than four decades, we felt it was time to refresh and modernize it with an evolutionary update during this dynamic period in our company’s history. At the same time, we wanted the updated logo to maintain certain attributes of the previous version and to reflect our proud heritage.


“In 1964 we introduced our new corporate logo on the cover of that year’s annual report. With our 2005 annual report we proudly unveil the first update to our logo in 41 years. This new modernized logo retains two key elements of the previous logo –the letter “C” in a stylized water wave, which offers a visual association with the word“Chesapeake,” and the color green, which symbolizes our heritage in forest products and theemphasis we place on environmental stewardship.”


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PUBLISHED ON May.24.2006 BY David Weinberger
felixxx’s comment is:

gallo: I'll buy it— better.

vivendi: OK, but purple?

Chesapeake: Peaked in 64'

On May.24.2006 at 09:29 AM
eric’s comment is:

Chesapeake looks to have taken a few steps backward in their "evolutionary" timeline.
I understand what they were going for... but they totally missed in my eyes.

On May.24.2006 at 10:53 AM
JonSel’s comment is:

What's up with the G in Gallo?

New Chesapeake type is better. Old logo was better.

On May.24.2006 at 10:56 AM
Zoelle’s comment is:

Gallo I like the wine colored Hitchcock-like rooster profiles, though the abstraction may be lost on new customers. Mature, classy typography.

vivendi The 'e' feels too dense. The unique letterforms do separate the logo from other lowercase marks. The purple effectively portrays a break from the norm.

Chesapeake The typography works. (I hate reg marks) The wave doesn't look resolved. It is too far removed from the 'C'. The visual tension at the pointy crest of the wave is distracting and confining.

On May.24.2006 at 11:01 AM
Zoelle’s comment is:

The more I look at the Gallo logo, the more I like how the letters relate to each other.

On May.24.2006 at 11:30 AM
Randy’s comment is:

Zoelle, nice find. The new Gallo logo is appreciable. Still, I long for the G to have it's fissure mended.

On May.24.2006 at 12:16 PM
Tselentis’s comment is:

Hey, Chesapeake, surf's up! Are you trying to appeakl to Malibu and Honolulu beach bums?

On May.24.2006 at 12:21 PM
Thomas Jockin’s comment is:

Gallo hands down is the most sucessful rebranding of the group. I follow up Zoelle’s comment on the relationship of the letterforms— unquie, special forms that aren't overstated, unlike the Vivendi rebranding.

The "e" and "d" do not mix at all with the other letterforms and just scream "IM TRYING TO BE DIFFERENT!!!!!!!!!!"

On May.24.2006 at 12:41 PM
Todd Dominey’s comment is:

The cut in the Gallo "G" is distracting. I'm also not crazy about the kerning in G-a-l-l-o either. Feels a bit too loose.

Vivendi...well...the "e" is a real eyesore. Looks uncomfortably stretched.

Chesapeake started off in the right direction by ditching their old period typeface, but the wave is terrible. The older mark is much more memorable and elegant than a big looping arc. It's as if someone internally got sick of people not getting the wave concept in the first mark ("it's a wave? see the curve at the top?") and went super literal with the second.

On May.24.2006 at 12:44 PM
Kevin Lo’s comment is:

I agree with what most people have said thus far. I like the Gallo, and though I'm unsure about the cut "G", the stem does remind me of the top of a bottle.

I find vivendi pretty awful, what's with these types of letterforms recently? That "d" is definitely a roman version of the "Dreamweaver d". the "end" sticks out like a sore thumb, not sure if that's an association one would want to make...

The Chesapeake type is undoubtedly better but far from anything original or interesting... the old mark was certainly better.

On May.24.2006 at 01:10 PM
Ruben Sun’s comment is:

Yeah Kodak's new logo as well. (Though Kodak's logo is sort of growing on me).

On May.24.2006 at 10:44 PM
marc molino’s comment is:

While I'm not a fan of the old Chesapeake type, it seems to work better with the old logo--there's a continuous up and down feeling like rippling waves. If you look at the first "e" and travel over the top of each letter to the "k" it's a very uniform rounded flow... I'm picturing the "k" as another cresting wave... suddenly I'm on a raft floating off into oblivion...

On May.25.2006 at 07:57 AM
mel’s comment is:

The location of the Rooster profiles on the Gallo label feels ungrounded to me with the simple treatment of centering it over the block of text, echoing the alignment. I played with the location and found that when centered over the "a", not only does it feel more grounded in relation with the text, but it gives visual support to the guides Zoelle displayed.




But then it begins to look like angry eyebrows...

On May.25.2006 at 11:13 AM
David Jalbert-Gagnier’s comment is:

Purple seems to becoming a trend in French companies right now.

Vivendi (notice the tint from the official website is much less saturated (nicer?) than the one from the article.

The new French Railroad identity (last year), using a gradient but with strong purple in many applications. (they have many applications where gradients don't work, and it looks really strange and blobby in black and white [as on train tickets]

On May.25.2006 at 12:02 PM
Zoelle’s comment is:

mel: I agree. The rooster placement doesn't quite feel right.

I think it is due in part to the tension between the rooster 'decenders'. By nudging the pair to the left a bit and giving them a little more breathing room the rooster arrangement feels more balanced – to me.



On May.25.2006 at 03:23 PM
ryin’s comment is:

i'm with you mel, upon seeing this on the shelves a few months back i immediately wanted to center the roosters over the a to create a more integrated lockup, although it makes the centered support copy a bit probelmatic...and the cracked G is odd to me, it becomes focal point of curiosity that isnt needed.

On May.25.2006 at 05:05 PM
Pesky Illustrator’s comment is:

When Gallo rejected my logo I was heartbroken...

On May.25.2006 at 06:33 PM
felixxx’s comment is:


love the invisible jug-handler... or a cocky
prayer-giving hitch hiker

On May.25.2006 at 08:45 PM
Pesky Ilustrator’s comment is:

Felixxx, that's a hand shadow silhouette of two roosters... very difficult to achieve without two lamps...see the thumbs making the beak? Knuckles forming the cockscomb? It's such an improvement over the plain animal heads, I thought.

But it was the "make your own" addition that screwed it up with the client. It was a tag line. Like make your own party or something. Not make your own wine.

On May.25.2006 at 09:35 PM
Ravenone’s comment is:

Pity about it not being make your own wine. I've got a german friend who makes the BEST rasp. wine. :)
I'm going with the general consensus: The Roosters were among the best of this group, but nothing really seems to stand out in my mind here.
My eye, has most definately, not been caught.

On May.26.2006 at 01:42 AM
Greg’s comment is:

Allow me to do my best simon cowell impersonation... *ahem*

Gallo: Hideous, even with the letter relationships. There's a bit of sheepstealing going on there, the cut of the "G" looks like an exacto mistake, and the roosters are nearly unrecongizable as anything but feathers (or now, angry eyebrows). I like the lowercase L's but spacing is too much of an issue. It looks like a wine you'd buy at Walmart, which while probably true, isn't what they're probably going for. Overall: too much going on.

Vivendi: I agree that this type style is becoming too prevalent. It looks squished vertically (or stretched horizontally). I don't mind it for a single letter as an affectation but when you try to make it out into a type style it just seems like too much. Also, the progression of normal-normal-normal-MODIFIED-MODIFIED-MODIFIED-normal in the letters calls too much attention to the center of the word. I do applaud the willingness of the company to not capitalize the first letter, though. Overall: the original was better.

Chesapeake: I do appreciate the type change, but (disclaimer: the following may or may not be an accurate observation) the green got too cyan-y. I liked the older color. The "c" in the first illustration was better too. In the second one the wave needs to curl more. Overall: keep old illustration, insert new type.

Did anyone else notice that in the post the older logo was smaller and blurrier and the newer logo was bigger and crisper? Is it like those weight loss commercials where they show the "before and after" pictures and the person is badly lit and not smiling in the first picture, but in the second they're happy and bright?

On May.26.2006 at 01:24 PM
tkd’s comment is:

Gallo: Generally agree with the previous comments. The gap in the "G" doesn't feel right. The roosters would work better moved to the left. It actually took me a moment to see them as roosters, but otherwise I like it.

vivendi: I don't dislike or like it. Which isn't a great reaction. It strikes me as a standard issue Web 2.0 logo. Nothing really wrong in my opinion, but nothing that stands out either.

Chesapeake: Looks like I'm the odd one out; I prefer the new logo. The older version is fine, but feels dated. The new font is a definite improvement: it's much more solid. I prefer the new graphic as well. The old 'c' is too small in the field of green, and when next to the name reads like a stutter ("C-Chesapeake"). The new graphic is more interesting visually and moves more like a wave.

On May.30.2006 at 12:47 PM
Mark’s comment is:

Gallo: good rebranding

Vivendi: yawn kind of boring why have all the letters so wide and at the same height? Is there something wrong to have the V capitalized? The "E" looks awkward and distracting. whats the deal with the "d"?

Chesapeake: sure the the wave looks like a wave but it lost the clever intention of being a "c" also, now it looks like the outline of a cresent.

On Jul.25.2006 at 11:00 AM