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Qs / Vol. 8 / August.06 - August.12

The top 15 out of a 44-quip week.

A = Authors | C = Community

A / No. 21 / Armin / Are speech bubbles the new swoosh?

A / No. 15 / Armin / “Sometimes the vernacular of advertising can be used in excessively stupid ways. Here is an example of that.”

A / No. 74 / Armin / Ministry of Defense logos from around the world. [Via Boing Boing]

C / No. 22 / Jim / who knew being a graphic designer was so dangerous

A / No. 14 / Armin / Marty Hick, uniform doodler.

A / No. 12 / Armin / Oops wine.

A / No. 29 / Armin / HTTP Errors, interpreted as cartoons. [Via Boing Boing]

A / No. 17 / Armin / Better than speed bumps, large-format printing!

A / No. 22 / Joe Marianek / Faux-real! Imaginary mammals made by amateur paleontologist Mike Bahl.

C / No. 25 / Dan / Makeover ad gone bad. Take a sophisticated, uniquely designed product and let the London-Fog-wearin’, Old-Spice-smellin’ copywriter in the back cubicle ‘makeover’ your ad with lots and lots of words. Yes, the bottom image with the bizarre ‘two-in-a-row’ drop caps is the makeover. Link

A / No. 23 / Armin / The Book Design Review. How did I miss this one? [Via New York mag]

A / No. 32 / Katherine / Alpha-doodles: 14 Fabulously Silly Fonts.” Hand-rendered by Paula Scher on Moleskine.

A / No. 20 / Armin / From the Department of Whowouldhavethunkit: Powerhouse design firm, Templin Brink, closes its doors. Best of luck to both partners’ new ventures.

C / No. 20 / Joe Moran / Pardon the crack. Best Mario Bros. tattoo ever! Ha!

A / No. 28 / Armin / When cuckoo meets art: “A red stain remained on the canvas… This red stain is testimony to this moment, to the power of art.”


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