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Qs / Vol. 8 / September 10 - September 16

The top 15 out of a 28-quip week.

A = Authors | C = Community

A / No. 33 / Armin / Lovely, hand-drawn typographic illustrations by UK-based Jody Bartow. [Via Ffffound]

A / No. 30 / Joe Marianek / If you like pretty, ugly graphics, hail to the fashionable Super-Super. Pepita + Helvetica Inserat = pure beauty. [Via Creative Review]

C / No. 22 / Koz / Modern products in vintage ad layouts.Very cool.

C / No. 17 / Koz / POW! Free and cheap stock photo sites.

A / No. 37 / Armin / Oddly amazing: Signatures of illustrators from Life magazine. Some great logo ideas in there. [Via Drawn]

C / No. 24 / Niki / Is it ok to be sexist when the stationery is divine? Disney’s rejection letter to an aspiring (female) animator.

A / No. 34 / Bryony / Debbie Millman goes all High Priority in New York.

C / No. 16 / Diane Witman / Pantone acquired by X-Rite for $180 million. What does this mean? Courtesy of HOW.

C / No. 7 / Josh Berta / >Legendary voice actor Mel Blanc talks about his work in the world of radio ads, in a speech from 1966. (Link to the audio file toward the bottom of the post.) Funny!

A / No. 39 / Armin / Josh Berta, a regular Quip contributor and non-coffee drinker thought I, an avid coffee drinker, would enjoy customizing me a time-saving t-shirt for ordering. GrandeSkimChaiNoFoam does take a while to say.

A / No. 47 / Armin / I spotted this great poster last year while judging the STEP 100 awards. More props for it from the Adobe Design Achievement Awards

C / No. 14 / Roger / College sports fans fight for typgraphic history, and tell the administration that Trajan sucks.

A / No. 40 / Armin / Braille Graffiti? Well, okay.

C / No. 25 / Niki / More from Disney… Walt Disney Presents: “The Story of Menstruation”.

A / No. 29 / Armin / John Maeda on designing the cover of the latest Key, the real estate rag of The New York Times.


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