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Qs / Vol. 12 / December 17 - December 23

The top 15 out of a 37-quip week.

A = Authors | C = Community

A / No. 48 / Armin / Screw Photoshop, this is how you do a cover where you need to set “love” in big script style in the middle of the ice rink in Bryant Park. [Via Design Observer]

A / No. 45 / Armin / Taiwan’s Recycle logo is waaaay cooler than the U.S.’ Recycle logo. Or, at least, it has waaaay more arrows. [Via NOTCOT]

A / No. 47 / Armin / And to prove why R/GA is Digital Agency of the Year [see No. 46], you can tattoo Santa Claus’ ass (and more) in their 2007 Holiday card.

A / No. 43 / Armin / Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies,” a limited edition poster of 1. [Via ffffound]

A / No. 50 / Armin / Just in case you remotely thought I was done with oddtype links, here is one to set you straight: Laser type!

C / No. 37 / Jimsbee / Most calendars suck; These don’t. [Via twenty5ive]

A / No. 44 / Armin / Billboard’s The 25 Best Rock Posters of All Time.

A / No. 42 / Armin / The pretty, hand-drawn opening titles for Juno. [Via Drawn]

A / No. 40 / Armin / So you know: How to make a giant octopus oozing out of a kitchen. [Via Nice Fucking Graphics]

A / No. 54 / Armin / A collection of letterhead from “trucking companies, private carriers, manufacturers, and suppliers” which all look exactly like you would think letterhead from from trucking companies, private carriers, manufacturers, and suppliers would. [Via Coudal]

C / No. 32 / Diane Zerr / BBC’s redesigned home page. It went from this to this.

C / No. 29 / Andrew / A Beautiful X-Mas Packaging as the gift. Ingenious!

C / No. 38 / Freddy / Sunday Type: x-rated type!

C / No. 35 / Danny Tanner / Use a few of these quotes in your next client meeting and they will think you a great philosopher.

C / No. 41 / Matthew Reese / Test your knowledge of what is or isn’t politically correct during the holiday season here.


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PUBLISHED ON Dec.24.2007 BY bryony
eric’s comment is:

Like the quality of top 40 music, the Billboard poster selection leaves me feeling confused. Do I have access to a different world of music and posters? Why do I seem to feel that neither top 40 sales nor Billboard knows anything about music nor posters? Am I a snob?

On Dec.26.2007 at 06:18 PM