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Qs / Vol. 13 / January 14 - January 20

The top 15 out of a 35-quip week.

A = Authors | C = Community

A / No. 56 / Armin / The winner of the Linotype “Helvetica NOW” Poster competition.

A / No. 55 / Armin / Book cover for “Finer Points in the Spacing and Arrangement of Type”. Oh, the irony.

A / No. 59 / Armin / he Poster Hold to end all Poster Holds: “A poster of posters cut out from 90 portfolio images of designers displaying their posters.” [Via SwissMiss]

A / No. 51 / Armin / The Typo’Clock, a neat little pixelated bit of typography that can tell time.

A / No. 57 / Joe Marianek / Who knew? The anagram for Seymour Chwast is Moustaches Wry! Hours of fun can be had at The Internet Anagram Server. [Thanks to Hollis Duncan]

A / No. 48 / Joe Marianek / This montage of PBS logo animations from the early days as NET makes me want to live in 1968.

A / No. 50 / Armin / Point out typos, bad kerning, design clichés, and rivers with these handy stickers from the Design Police. [Via The Serif]

A / No. 54 / John Feldhouse / A pretty interesting site, based out of Chattanooga: Create Here. Maybe this will inspire other cities… or we can hope it does.

C / No. 32 / Andrew / Nice collection ebay-logo clones.

C / No. 23 / Josh B / Maybe I’m late to this party, but here’s an awesome look at Jonathan Ive’s product designs for Apple side by side with the work of his inspiration Dieter Rams. Wow.

C / No. 24 / S Harley Mills / The useful + agreeable house.

A / No. 53 / Armin / Artists pay tribute to Stan Lee by reinterpreting some of his comic book hero creations. My favorite. [Via Drawn]

C / No. 27 / Diane Zerr / Focus groups can kill good ideas. Killing good ideas can harm your future. Courtesy of Design View.

C / No. 11 / Niki / Royalty free Library of Congress images on Flickr. [Via the AIGA DC List-Serv]

A / No. 60 / Armin / Screw the RFP. Long live the new RFP: Request for Problem, requested by designers from clients. Take that! [Via Brand Flakes for Breakfast]


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