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Qs / Vol. 20 / August 25 - August 31

The top 15 out of a 31-quip week.

A = Authors | C = Community

C / No. 68 / Niles / Super smart: No branding, no problem.

A / No. 67 / Armin / Flow chart of good and bad things to say during sex. Safe for work. [Via DesignNotes]

C / No. 66 / Josh / Mind bending logic used to create book cover graphics for Faber & Faber. Illustrative material provided by The Bantjes.

A / No. 57 / Armin / The Road to Success”: Successory poster or message on the side of an 18-wheeler?

A / No. 68 / Armin / Pentagram to Republicans: O, snap!

A / No. 61 / Armin / Mmmmm… Moss typography.

A / No. 62 / Dave Werner / If moss isn’t your thing, maybe roses? Very clever installation for De Beers diamonds. [Via DirectDaily]

C / No. 69 / Fireside / Visual Culture takes a critical look at some of Good 50x70’s poster submissions.

A / No. 56 / Armin / American Gothic, redux, and redux, and redux… and redux. [Via Dark Roasted Blend]

C / No. 60 / Niki / A collection of >This is silly, but I laughed hard so I have to share. Paris Hilton hair extensions are bad enough, but the packaging is even worse.

A / No. 54 / Armin / When your trusty Epson printer dies next, replace it with a printer than can print on the foam of your latte or cappuccino. [Via BuzzFeed]

C / No. 57 / Julie W / Finally! A design blog completely by and for students showing the crazy world of design schools from all over the globe. The Graphic Student!

A / No. 53 / Armin / Introducing the Federal Bureau of Illustration.

A / No. 69 / Armin / Just when you think the previous witty alphabet can not be topped: An alphabet made out from letters on the backs of 18-wheelers. [Via SwissMiss]

A / No. 65 / Armin / Not sure if this will be as coveted as a misprinted postage stamp but this mis-apostrophed “Student’s for McCain” pen can be your now for only $6.00.


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