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New Logo and On-air Look for Destination America by Ferroconcrete



Noted Jun. 17, 2015 by Armin

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(Est. 2012) “Destination America is an American digital cable and satellite television channel that is owned by Discovery Communications. The channel features lifestyle, historical and travel programming focusing on the culture of the United States. The network first launched in 1996 as Discovery Travel & Living, as part of a suite of four digital cable networks the company launched that year. From its launch until 2008, the network primarily focused upon home improvement, cooking, and leisure-themed programs. In 2008, the network re-launched as Planet Green, which carried a focus on environmentalism and sustainable living; Discovery spent $50 million on developing programming for the network. Planet Green was ultimately considered a failure; by 2010, the network had begun dropping its environmental programming in favor of reruns of other programs from Discovery Communications’ library, leading into its 2012 re-branding as Destination America. As of February 2015, approximately 57,238,000 American households (49.2% of households with television) receive Destination America.” (Wikipedia)

Design by

Ferroconcrete (Los Angeles, CA)

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We developed a visual identity system that delights in Destination America's homespun lineup of all things good: fun, food and phantoms. Playful, animated icons combined with a vibrant color palette pack punch and inject whimsy giving the network a cohesive look and feel. The system is bold and nimble to support current initiatives and expandable for future programming. The tone of voice now matches the spirit of the network: a celebration that's loud and proud like the 4th of July and worthy of its tagline: Destination America, the United States of Awesome.

Ferroconcrete project page

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New Logo and On-air Look for Destination America by Ferroconcrete
Logo detail.
New Logo and On-air Look for Destination America by Ferroconcrete
New Logo and On-air Look for Destination America by Ferroconcrete
Type stylings.
On-air montage.

Although it was not a bad concept to go for a handmade aesthetic, good riddance to the faux brush strokes of the previous logo! The new polished logo almost looks like an official seal of the U.S. that you would see at the bottom of a tourism ad, so I guess that's a win. It lacks a bit of "entertainment" aspect to it that would indicate this is a TV channel but that's mostly a cause of the long name (and name itself). Still, it's a nice looking logo with friendly rounded corners all around. The on-air graphics are loud, bouncy, and fun in an unapologetically red-white-and-blue color palette. There is a good sense of humor in the icons and typography all delivered through snappy animation. The long shadows are reaching their saturation point but here they work well with the flat graphics. Overall, a great improvement that fits the channel's content and audience.

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