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In our industry, the discussion doesn’t finish when the work does. That’s why we created Brand New, the design industry’s catalyst for conversation, a place for all who value opinion.

Brand New is an extensive resource updated daily with the latest and most note-worthy logo, identity, and branding projects. Where those practicing or pursuing creative work can access our opinion or contribute their own.

Other blogs can give you the facts. Subscribe to Brand New and get the thoughts too.

A division of UnderConsideration, Brand New is managed by Armin Vit and Bryony Gomez-Palacio.

Editorial Categories

In-depth coverage and analysis of the most news-worthy projects — based on the size and notoriety of the client or the high quality of the design — presented as an article.
One post per day

Nominal coverage with a brief opinion on smaller clients or projects where there is less information or images to show — presented as a summary.
One post per day

Acknowledgment of a redesign or new design for a wider range of clients — presented without an opinion and providing only a single link to a press release, news story, or the new home page.
Multiple posts per day

Minimal notes covering interesting, funny, sad, quirky, news-y stories and/or projects related to logos, identities, and branding.
One post per day

Where we make announcements regarding the well-being of the blog, updates on our Brand New Conference, and introductions to any major ventures from UnderConsideration.
Posted once in a blue moon

Revisiting brands at least one year since they were launched to see how the work has developed, how it looks in the real world, and to reassess it once the novelty (usually shock) of the change has worn off and become the new normal. The majority of these posts are written by guest writers from the Brand New community.
Posted once each month

Curated galleries of 75 to 100 images that draw from our extensive archives to display the best examples of specific brand assets and applications like guidelines, color palettes, and — everyone’s favorite — tote bags.
Posted every other week


Brand New has been published since October of 2006 when it was spun-off from the now unpublished Speak Up. In the glory days of Speak Up some of our most ardent discussions happened around redesigns of logos but that same passion that ignited those threads was a turn off for some readers who claimed they were simply bitch-fests. As a patch, we decided to move those logo bitch-fests to their own site so that we could all bitch merrily about logos. This focused energy turned out to be quite an attraction and Brand New has become a very active reflection of the world of corporate and brand identity. And, while we do all bitch quite a bit, the opinions presented throughout amount to something of real value for those in the field.

We wrote a lengthy post in October, 2016, chronicling our first 10 years of publication.

The Future

As long as corporations, non-profit organizations, and consumer products keep changing or are being introduced into the market we will be here, providing our opinions one post at a time.

Brand New Conference

A direct extension of this blog, the Brand New Conference is a two-day event on the development of corporate and brand identity projects by some of today’s most active and influential practitioners from around the world. The conference consists of eight sessions each day offering a broad range of points of view with speakers from around the world practicing in different environments, from global consultancies, to in-house groups, to small firms. It’s been run annually since 2010.

The Brand New Conference is organized and hosted by UnderConsideration co-founders Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit.

We hope you Enjoy it all!

Bryony and Armin
UnderConsideration LLC

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