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New Logo and On-air Look for truTV by loyalkaspar



Reviewed Nov. 5, 2014 by Armin

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Originally launched in 1991 as Court TV and focusing on seemingly endless live coverage of court trials, truTV as it was renamed in 2008 is an American cable channel owned by Turner Broadcasting System that, at the time, turned its focus to reality-based and investigation-based programming while keeping a morning block of trials. Now, having pivoted more times than Hakeem Olajuwon, truTV is focusing on “Way More Fun” programming, introducing four new comedy series and a slew of other humor- and reality-based programming. Billed as The New truTV, the channel has introduced a revised logo and new on-air package designed by New York, NY-based loyalkaspar with additional out of home advertising by Mullen.

New Logo and On-air Look for truTV by loyalkaspar
Logo detail.
New Logo and On-air Look for truTV by loyalkaspar
Logo explanation.
New Logo and On-air Look for truTV by loyalkaspar
Icon system.

Clearly not much of a revolution on the logo, more like an uprising. Literally. The “TV” dot has been moved from a passive position on the bottom, serving as a supporting punctuation mark, to an active position on the top, serving as an nth-degree mark of sorts. It’s amazing how a small move like this can change the message. The typography has also been tightened and is specially effective in the narrower “u”. The new ability to put different icons inside the circle gives the logo extra functionality. Overall, the logo now has better balance and feels more engaging.

Brand manifesto.
New on-air package.
“Brand bursts”.

On air, the new identity is, as would be expected, fast and playful, without having overwhelming animation behaviors. Instead of motion-graphic pyrotechnics, the package relies on a handful of perky typefaces to convey the attitude of the channel through subtle, bouncy animations that also bring to life the logo and show icons.

New Logo and On-air Look for truTV by loyalkaspar
New Logo and On-air Look for truTV by loyalkaspar
Outdoor advertising and acronyms.

Perhaps my favorite bit of this relaunch is the out of home advertising photo above where a number of scattered, small billboards convey the same kind of bounciness from the motion work. Mullen has also introduced some acronyms on steroids that are kind of funny — or, at least, the “My Eyes Are Puking Rainbows” line is. Overall, the message is clear about the new truTV, you won’t find any court proceedings here anymore; instead it’s all shits and giggles now and that’s something we can all handle.

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