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New Logo for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise


Noted Apr. 21, 2015 by Armin

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In October of last year, Hewlett-Packard Co said it would split into two listed companies, separating its computer and printer businesses from its faster-growing corporate hardware and services operations, and eliminate another 5,000 jobs as part of its turnaround plan. The consumer computer and printer business will remain named HP (and most likely retain the HP logo) while the other will be called Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. The completed split is set to happen in November of 2015. No website is available yet for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.

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To bring our ideals to life, we needed a logo and a design system that would be singular and defining. We needed a design that would express our renewed commitment to focus and simplicity. And we needed a logo that would be as transformative, flexible and agile as we are becoming, while standing out from the pack. Finally, the logo needed to work across all the ways we would use it.

It's different, I know. What I love about our new logo design is how it stands out among our competitors. The color we picked is no accident. I wanted us to stand apart.

The other thing that stands out for me is its simplicity. But, guess what, that's what we're going to be about — easy to do business with and precise in our work, our engineering and our innovation.

And, of course, we're going to be great partners. Maybe you noticed it, but take a look at the name "Hewlett" in the new design. This is the first time in our history that the two t's in Hewlett connect. That connection is symbolic of the partnership we will forge with our customers, partners, and our employees — what we will do together to help drive your business forward.

CEO Meg Whitman on the HP blog post

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New Logo for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
Mockups of office sign and some kind of expo booth.

This was an odd way to introduce a big-deal identity. Two slightly weak mock-ups, a small-sized logo, and a lot of rhetoric in the HP blog. Sometimes I miss a good, old-fashioned press release with proper media assets. Anyway… The new logo is indeed simple and different. When I think of enterprise solutions I do picture, for whatever reason, a server rack or some kind of multi-wired machine in some room with its own climate control, so when I see this logo I see an abstract server drive. Despite it being so minimal and possibly meaning nothing I like it. It's a cool visual gesture. The typography is also rather nice; it's clean, sharp, and has a nice hint of customization. The joint "t"s, yeah, that makes for some nice conceptualization but the fi ligature called and wants its metaphors back.

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