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Follow-up: University of California 0

Although I prefer to never deviate from the format of our posts on Brand New — critiques of Before/After or New logos/identities — and keep things simple there is a bunch of stupidity going on right now about the recently released logo and identity for the University of California (UC) that deserves a response. (Read my original review here.) To summarize: A petition on Change.org, currently boasting over 50,000 supporters, is demanding that UC either keep the seal as its main logo or design a new logo to replace the new logo. Parallel to the petition, various news outlets (online and in print) have written about the petition and mostly skewed the conversation as to how bad this logo is; some going as far as calling it "one of the worst logo rebrands in history". You can find all the relevant links in the aptly titled Facebook page, Stop the UC Logo Change. If you only read this paragraph and happen to be either in favor of the petition or have signed the petition and further expanded your thoughts and put them in writing of why this logo is so bad, here is what you need to know: shut up. Seriously. Shut. Up.

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