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Telenovela-Red is the New Fire-Engine-Red

Entertainment May. 21, 2012 by Armin

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Telemundo Logo, Before and After

Launched in 1954, Telemundo, a division of NBCUniversal, is a Spanish-language media company revolving around its television network that features “original productions, theatrical motion pictures, news, and sports events, reaching U.S. Hispanic viewers in 210 markets through its 14 owned stations and its broadcast and cable affiliates.” At the upfronts this month, among announcements of more new original telenovelas than you can count unbuttoned men shirts, Telemundo introduced a new logo that will be implemented starting in Fall with the launch of the new TV season. No design credit given.


Telemundo announced it will launch its rebranding campaign complete with a new logo, tagline and on-air identity this fall. The network’s new positioning platform aims to capture the duality of Telemundo’s audience, balancing the strong connection to their Latin roots with their contemporary mindset of living in the U.S.
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There is only the logo to go by at the moment, as there are no applications revealed yet, but there is potential that can be seen here. The previous logo was a little too generic with just a swoosh inside a “T”, losing some of the mundo-ness (mundo=world) from older logos that at least indicated the idea of a global network — also in a cheesy and generic way, but it was there. The globe has sort of been brought back in a strange way; if you look at the 1997 – 99 version you can see where the two intersecting shapes of the new logo come from. They are, at once, awkward and strangely appealing, generating an abstract monogram that looks good at small and large sizes. It’s hard to tell exactly what is going on with the textures, but it almost looks like the intention is for it to be like tinted glass and that’s the new logo’s most striking feature: its color. Moving away from the tame blues of previous logos, this one portrays some of that cliched, burning, Latin passion, and it definitely stands out. The typography is simple and out of the way. We’ll report back in the Fall if there are any interesting developments with this brand.

Thanks to Marc Nijborg for first tip.



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