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Bird's Surf Shed

Bird’s Surf Shed by MiresBallBird’s Surf Shed by MiresBallBird’s Surf Shed by MiresBallBird’s Surf Shed by MiresBallBird’s Surf Shed by MiresBallBird’s Surf Shed by MiresBallBird’s Surf Shed by MiresBallBird’s Surf Shed by MiresBall


A San Diego, CA, surf shop deliv­er­ing a unique soul­ful expe­ri­ence. A mec­ca for surfers, a place to buy and trade boards or take hands-on clin­ics from shapers, and most impor­tant­ly, a space that brings the com­mu­ni­ty togeth­er to sup­port surf events, films, and culture.


Local San Diego surf insid­er Bird Huff­man dreamed with cre­at­ing a space that was more of a surf expe­ri­ence than a surf shop. The chal­lenge was get­ting a fair­ly laid back audi­ence to a loca­tion well off the beat­en path, miles from the beach. And to devel­op a brand that would allow Bird to move away from car­ry­ing the mall surf brands, and sell his own brand­ed goods. Would the surfers come, buy, and tell their friends again and again? Could this brand be built almost exclu­sive­ly on word of mouth and earned media? 


Authen­tic­i­ty is every­thing in the world of surf­ing. Mires­Ball need­ed to cre­ate an iden­ti­ty and brand expres­sion that cap­tured Bird’s DIY essence, insid­er lin­eage, and icon­ic locale. Housed in a ram­shackle Quon­set hut, The Shed is the ulti­mate surf man-cave high­light­ed by a per­son­al col­lec­tion of 1,000 clas­sic boards with Bird ever-present as the benev­o­lent pur­vey­or of surf knowl­edge. Mires­Ball helped the brand organ­i­cal­ly grow, through every event, every group of trav­el­ing surfers, every edi­to­r­i­al opportunity…letting Bird’s sto­ry­telling cou­pled with the imagery of the icon­ic loca­tion take the fore­front. The brand good­ness filled each hat, tee, and sweat­shirt with unde­ni­able credibility.

Working with MiresBall was awesome! I had only a vague idea of where I needed to go with the brand. We set goals and quickly accomplished them. The end result has been astounding! Recognition of Bird’s Surf Shed has grown faster than I can keep up with. Though my brand is very new, its already seen as a classic that has matched or surpassed the popularity of other long established brands. Seeing somebody sporting Shed wear or spotting the logo in publications, videos, and the like truly amazes me. I feel very blessed when all is said and done. — Bird Huffman, Owner of Bird’s Surf Shed

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