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Rob Fiocca, Steve Krug


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Emily Patterson

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M&H Graphics

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Karla Ramirez

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Johnlee Raine


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Sid Lee
Blue Goose

Blue Goose by Sid LeeBlue Goose by Sid LeeBlue Goose by Sid LeeBlue Goose by Sid LeeBlue Goose by Sid LeeBlue Goose by Sid LeeBlue Goose by Sid LeeBlue Goose by Sid LeeBlue Goose by Sid LeeBlue Goose by Sid LeeBlue Goose by Sid LeeBlue Goose by Sid LeeBlue Goose by Sid LeeBlue Goose by Sid Lee


A Cana­dian organic and nat­ural food com­pany that spe­cial­izes in high qual­ity beef, chicken, and fish. In 2013, it intro­duced itself to con­sumers through a new mis­sion and prod­uct mix.


In antic­i­pa­tion of its national roll­out Blue Goose sought to over­haul the brand to improve its low aware­ness. Cana­di­ans, how­ever, are skep­ti­cal of brands in this cat­e­gory as mar­keters fre­quently use mis­lead­ing imagery and buzz­words in their com­mu­ni­ca­tions. Blue Goose had noth­ing to hide. Our chal­lenge then was to define an evoca­tive brand pur­pose that would trans­late into a com­pelling visual iden­tity; one that would leap off the shelf, spark con­sumer inter­est, and build trust in the brand.


Blue Goose under­stands that con­sumers care most about the per­sonal health ben­e­fits of organic and nat­ural foods, so we made this truth vis­i­bly unde­ni­able. Our approach was designed to break con­ven­tions, con­nect­ing prod­uct prop­er­ties with tan­gi­ble health ben­e­fits in a sim­ple and visual way. Armed with the knowl­edge that Blue Goose is all about ver­ti­cal inte­gra­tion and com­plete trans­parency all we did is get out of the way and let the ani­mals do the talk­ing. We used crafted por­traits as can­vases to reflect the ani­mals’ nat­ural envi­ron­ment and grow­ing conditions—creating a true visual rep­re­sen­ta­tion of the Blue Goose story.

The Blue Goose rebrand project has been an absolute suc­cess and has pro­vided our com­pany with the tools we needed dur­ing a crit­i­cal period of national expan­sion. Our objec­tive at the out­set was to build a brand plat­form that could encom­pass our three pro­teins of beef, chicken, and fish, and cre­ate an accom­pa­ny­ing visual iden­tity that could allow us to clearly stand-out in the mar­ket­place, strike a rel­e­vant chord with con­sumers, and be true to our iden­tity. The work from Sid Lee accom­plished all the above, and has posi­tioned us to build a strong com­pany mov­ing for­ward. — Jonathan Bon­nell, Direc­tor Brand and Inte­grated Mar­ket­ing at Blue Goose

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