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UP Global by MonikerUP Global by MonikerUP Global by MonikerUP Global by MonikerUP Global by MonikerUP Global by Moniker


Founded in Seat­tle, WA, by the merger between Startup America—originally part of the White House startup ini­tia­tive in 2011—and Startup Week­end. It offers sup­port and guid­ance to entre­pre­neurs at all lev­els, all over the world, from pre-start ups, to full-scale companies.


UP Global needed an iden­tity to work as an umbrella for cur­rent and new pro­grams for entre­pre­neurs, as well as to sig­nal the merger of two orga­ni­za­tions. The chal­lenge was in cre­at­ing a logo that worked inter­na­tion­ally, and a sys­tem for the poten­tially hun­dreds of regional chap­ters that would work under UP Global.


Reflect­ing UP Global’s inter­na­tional focus we cre­ated an iconic sym­bol com­bin­ing an up arrow and a globe to make an abstract human form. This spoke to their mis­sion of empow­er­ing entre­pre­neurs and their com­mu­ni­ties around the world. We also cre­ated a logo sys­tem where each chap­ter could select their own iden­ti­fy­ing col­ors to use in their logo.

Moniker was hired to work with us on a dynamic iden­tity sys­tem for our newly formed brand, UP Global. This brand was born through a part­ner­ship of two major orga­ni­za­tions that focus on sup­port­ing startup com­mu­ni­ties around the world. This mark would need to be local­ized at a vari­ety of lev­els: glob­ally, nation­ally, and locally. The brand strat­egy and high-level cre­ative direc­tion were done in-house, while work­ing in a highly col­lab­o­ra­tive fash­ion with Moniker on the visual design. This included a vast range of ini­tial con­cept direc­tions, which were refined iter­a­tively and vet­ted through con­tex­tual appli­ca­tion. — Mike Mates, Cre­ative Direc­tor and Strat­egy at UP Global

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