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The Design Encyclopedia, launched in September of 2003, is a user-built source of reference material with the sole intention of defining, describing, chronicling and documenting the world through design in all its implications and manifestations, from cars, to burgers, to movies, even to logos — it was built on the need for cataloguing the impact of design in our lives.

The Design Encyclopedia will place emphasis on the designed, veering its definitions towards an inclusive and broad scope beyond designers. There will be an entry for Saul Bass — a legend among designers — but there will also be entries where his work can be seen, like United Airlines, Psycho, AT&T, YWCA, United Way, Girl Scouts of America.

By funneling available information on the web, on newspapers, in books, anywhere, through contributions from its users and editors, The Design Encyclopedia’s growth and depth proves potentially rich and unlimited.

Wiki implementation and programming by House of Pretty.

The Design Encyclopedia Website