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Word It Website

Initially launched in April of 2003 as a feature of our Speak Up blog, Word It is a monthly challenge for our audience to visually interpret a specific word we select; there are no limitations and it is not uncommon to receive over one hundred submissions in a single month. Over the course of 66 months and words we had amassed more than 4,400 submissions and decided to spin-off Word It into its own blog in March of 2009.

Rather than just start from zero with the new web site, we imported all submissions to date to the new format and proceeded to tag each one of them with numerous keywords that allow for a fresh and eclectic way to see the vast archives — more than 2,000 so far. While the old Word Its were published once a week, new Word Its are now updated daily since we developed the web site as a blog running MovableType, easing the process of adding all the wonderful work we receive.

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