UFL Logo, Before and After

The United Football League (UFL) is a new professional league that is set to begin its first season in August of 2009 with eight teams in markets where that other professional football league isn’t and if it doesn’t get crushed by lack of ratings or attendance it will probably serve as sort of a minor league for the NFL. This week the UFL unveiled a new shiny logo. I really like the color choice, I think U.S. professional leagues get too enthralled with the red-white-and-blue combo that they forget other colors exist; I like that it’s the green field and the open skies above, although I’m sure they’ll play at night or in closed stadiums. The type is, well, whatever, it’s footballish. The ball and star icon are a little awkward, and I’ll leave it up to everyone else to say what it looks like. The overall shape is interesting — it reminds of the New Jersey Nets logo — as it avoids pure symmetry, which can sometimes make a logo hard to work with, but it also makes it stand out. I would have loved to see this without the shading and gradients and just the shadow of the ball and star, would have been pretty strong. While play begins for the UFL you can play Name Consultant and suggest team names.

Thanks to John Quijano for the tip.

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