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A Leaf Grows on the Road

Reviewed Dec. 12, 2008 by Armin

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Sysco Logo, Before and After

Sysco is the largest distributor of food-service related items in the U.S., with approximately 9,000 trucks delivering all sorts of food (frozen, canned, produce) as well as tableware and kitchen equipment to restaurants, fast food chains, colleges, hospitals and hotels. Last month Sysco unveiled a new identity to replace its 38-year-old cube logo used since its inception, which was quite a work of art (not) in its attempt to make the most clever interpretation of the acronym for Systems and Services Company. The new logo does away with the acronym and turns it into a proper name by going with the friendlier “Sysco” building on the familiarity of the name and surely the lack of anyone asking what SYSCO stood for. The new logo is meant to emphasize Sysco’s commitment to sustainability and delivering quality products. I very much like this new logo — I would have probably chosen another typeface (Gotham for all you haters!) and drawn the leaf differently but it doesn’t really matter — as it creates a memorable logo from a very simple typographic treatment. I hate the tag-line being shoved in there so tightly and being so dependent of the logo. A great improvement overall.

Thanks to Hsu Cennatian for the tip.



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