Biodiversity Observatory Logo, Before and After

About: Biodiversity Observatory of the Rhône-Alpes is a center for knowledge and a management tool for the natural habitats and species of France’s Rhône-Alpes. The observatory is structured around three fields: flora, fauna, and managing natural environments.”

Design by: graphéine design graphique.

Ed.’s Notes: That’s a lot of stuff to put into one logo but, hey, it works. A few logo variations and applications below (or after the jump) and a few more pieces at the case study link.

Relevant links: graphéine case study.

Provided quote: “This visual identity takes its starting point in the form of an ellipse. Indeed, this simple geometric shape suggests all the components of biodiversity … in turn, alone or multiplied, the ellipse becomes an eye, a flower, a leaf, a school of fish, a deer track … Using the ellipse as the basic element of this identity avoids any form of figurative representation of biodiversity. The composition and color of these ellipses simply suggest biodiversity.”

Biodiversity Observatory logo detail

Biodiversity Observatory logo detail

Biodiversity Observatory logo detail

Biodiversity Observatory paper systems

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