Monoprix Logo, Before and After

Established in 1932, Monoprix is an mid/upper-market department store and convenience store chain in France with a turnover in excess of 3.3 billion euros through 400 stores — many of them Monoprix proper but there are also smaller specialty stores called Monop’, Monop’ Beauty, Monop’ Daily, and Monop’ Station. An institution, Monoprix has traded under the “M” in a red lozenge symbol and a classic serifed uppercase typestyle for over 80 years. A new identity by British design agency Lewis Moberly was launched earlier this month. A comprehensive PDF covers all the changes, from the logo to the store to the uniforms and more.

Monoprix Logo and Identity

Stéphane Maquaire, Managing Director of Monoprix, says, “Monoprix is now a brand for every day. A sparkling, dynamic, positive and surprising every day”. The new slogan “Vivement aujourd’hui” or “Live today” expresses the spirit of proximity and immediacy.
Press Release

Monoprix Logo and Identity

The apostrophe takes over as the shorthand.

Monoprix Logo and Identity

Sub brand logos.

Monoprix Logo and Identity

Sub brand color palette.

Monoprix Logo and Identity

Monoprix Logo and Identity

Monoprix Logo and Identity

Gone is the old angular, rigid logotype and formal, tightly letter-spaced typography. In comes a rounded, friendly symbol in the shape of an apostrophe or a speech bubble and a more accessible semi-serifed, well letter-spaced wordmark in a brighter red.

The convenience store brands trade under the Monop’ name, hence the apostrophe, (‘Mon’ translates as ‘My’, like My’shop) and they are rebranded monop’daily, monop’station, monop’beauty with a new brighter color palette and matching lowercase wordmarks.

The old brand was distant and formal with a distinctly 1960s feel. The new identity is clearly more intimate, closer to consumers and a reflection of the changing convenience store landscape. It has gained enormously in high street visibility as the apostrophe sign demonstrates. The bright brand colors, used against dark shop facades are dynamic and energized. The new look is being rolled out over 2013 and ‘14 across 300 stores and includes new uniforms for 20,000 employees and reorganization of all in-store circulation.

This is not a revolution but it is clearly a significant step in the right direction. A clear, contemporary look that boosts presence on the high street or ‘la visabilité sur l’avenue’.

Monoprix Logo and Identity

The new tagline, “Vivement aujourd’hui” (Live today).

Paul Vickers is a corporate branding, product branding and packaging Creative Director and Consultant with extensive international experience at six of the world’s leading agencies: Pentagram London, Design Solution London & Paris, Interbrand New York, Dragon Rouge Paris, Desgrippes Gobé Hong Kong & Tokyo. Paul is British, bilingual and lives in Paris.

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