Citroën Logo, Before and After

I will start this by saying that I am not a car person, I haven’t owned one in more than eight years and beyond the obvious subjects, my appreciation of cars and their makers is limited. Given the amount of e-mails I received about the redesign of French manufacturer Citroën, I am going to assume that their cars and brand mean a lot to a lot of people.

Citroën DS Inside concept car

Citroën DS Inside concept car.

Designed by Landor, the new logo comes as Citroën celebrates its 90th anniversary (founded in 1919) and as it unveils new models of its DS line (no idea what the DS line is but, again, looks like it’s a big deal — no need, dear readers, to lecture me on the importance of Citroën, I do get it). The chevron icon has, of course, been Neue Metalized™ (someone had to come up with a style for car logos, right?) to appear as if it had come straight from the grill. Sarcasm aside, it is a somewhat attractive rendering, and the softer, rounder shapes make the new icon more distinguishable than the previous, in the sense that anyone can invert two straight-edged V shapes and call it a logo.

Citroen Logo, Detail

The typography, ayayay, I don’t know, why does it have to look as if it came from the future? The membrane-y stuff that comes off the crossbar of T and the joining of the umlaut just feels too space age. And why is the N lowercase? This would have been much nicer if they had dialed down on the sci-fi ingredients. In general, it feels like a good upgrade into the twenty-first century but a lot of the sophistication and Old World charm of the previous logo is gone which, perhaps unfortunately, was the intention. Here is a somewhat crappy but trippy video introducing the logo and the tag line créative technologie.

TV spot, “Creative Technology” by agency H for Citroën from étapes: on Vimeo.

Citroën DS Inside concept car

Citroën DS Inside concept car

Citroën DS Inside concept car

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