Coyote Logo, Before and After

Established in 2006, Coyote Logistics is a third party logistics and transportation, meaning that they accommodate shipments with a variety of carriers, finding trucks that have available space in trips they are already making. According to Inc. magazine, which listed Coyote as the No. 1 company in Logistics and Transportation, it has had a 13,846.8% three-year growth. Coyote counts with over 300 employees and an aggressive (in a friendly way) attitude. This past Fall they introduced a new identity designed by Moving Brands.

Moving Brands created a new logo for Coyote which expresses their brand story — “Powerful Momentum”. The logo is called ‘The Arrowhead’. It builds on the strong name by abstracting the Coyote’s silhouette whilst encapsulating a strong left to right motion.

The spare, direct feel of the logo is emphasized further by the stencilled wordmark.
Moving Brands Case Study

Identity creation video.

The old logo had all the makings of a start-up logo: literal interpretation, gradients, and bad typography (unless Eurostile is your thing). The new logo hits and misses at the same time. I really like the extreme abstraction and that it moves into an old-school train/freight aesthetic with the aggressive angles and unapologetic arrow but if it weren’t for the name I would never have guessed it’s meant to be a coyote. The name is Coyote, so my point is almost moot, but I think it would have been a little more relevant if they had pulled back two or three levels of abstraction. The wordmark is a tad clunky; the selected sans serif looks almost like a default font, the stenciling is too shy to really matter, and the weight is just slightly less heavy than the mark creating a noticeable difference but not enough to be evident. Nonetheless, the new identity and overall tone of voice is a vast improvement over the old one.







Thanks to Najwat Rehman for the tip.

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